Fai Khadra Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Find out the facts about the speculations of Fai Khadra plastic surgery, and most notable is his nose surgery.

If you’ve been immersed in all things Kardashian scene, then you might wonder what Fai Khadra is.

A close acquaintance from Kylie Jenner‘s Fai has been frequently seen at the Kardashian hangouts. There have been reports regarding a possible romantic relationship with Kylie after the two were on vacation with Kylie in Utah and Paris.

In the meantime, many fans can’t think of Fai Khadra plastic surgery when they look at his previous photos. The majority of them seem to be happy regarding his apparent nose work. Let’s look into the specifics.

Fai Khadra Plastic Surgery Speculations: Did He Get Nose Job?

The followers of Kardashian-Jenner don’t just follow the Kardashians and keep them informed about their favorite friends. Fai Khadra, a well-known BFF of Kendall Jenner, has accumulated more than one million fans on Instagram and is a major star on his own.

When an old photograph of him was recently discovered to show his appearance completely different, the fans quickly noted the change and alleged plastic surgery.

The previous image of Fai was posted on Reddit, and fans are convinced he had the perfect nose. The image, posted in March 2013, shows the man wearing shades in his car.

Fans started sharing their opinions on Reddit. One user said:

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He was hot and then more intense. He was already an 8/10.

Another was quick to applaud the plastic procedure.

The new nose looks amazing, however. The surgeon gave him an ideal nose.

The third comment was made,

There was no doubt whether Khadra, the KUWTK star, had undergone the knife. But, not all of them liked Khadra’s surgery. “I enjoyed Khadra before the nose surgery,” one of them stated in the article.

Whatever way you choose, whether it’s with or without cosmetic surgery or not, this 28-year-old looks amazing, and we are thrilled to see him in photos of the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Is Fai Khadra Dating Kylie Jenner?

Despite the series of photos Kylie shared on Instagram on August 1st, Kylie and her sources affirm that they’re friends.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan loves to keep the world guessing about their lives, especially regarding their relationship.

Sources have confirmed that Kylie Jenner and Palestinian model Fai Khadra aren’t the same couple, even though pictures posted on Instagram showed the two together at a mysterious rooftop location in France.

According to TMZ, although the couple appears close to each other, sources who are close to the young self-made billionaire of his generation confirmed Kylie, along with Fai Khadra, do not have an affair. In reality, he is a very good family member who has devoted more time within the family of the Kardashian-Jenner clan since the start of the epidemic.

So who do you think is Fai Khadra? How did the stories get started that Kylie Jenner was in a relationship with him?

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The model was born in Saudi Arabia and later grew up in Dubai. He is the younger brother of social media celebrities Simi Simi and Haze Khadra. With a staggering 1.1 million users on Instagram, the twins are renowned for their influence on social media and DJ skills.

Rumors started to circulate back in July, after the model, 28years old, joined a recent excursion for a trip to Utah with Kylie and her pals. A large portion of photos of them was taken. The pair enjoyed the sun’s rays as they climbed the mountains and took selfies.

Fai was Kendall Jenner’s “non-date” to the party as he was observed in the company of Kourtney Kardashian.

Fai Khadra Received Birthday Wishes From Kylie Jenner

Recently, Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Fai Khadra has sparked many discussions among her fans.

They took two trips together – one trip to the deserts of Utah and another to Paris. Some speculations were circulating about the possibility of a couple.

But, according to TMZ, the pair are only friends.

Like any real best friend, Kylie ensured to wish Fai Happy Birthday on September 9th, Fai’s 29th birthday. Kylie’s beauty guru posted several new images and videos from the pair on Instagram to celebrate the occasion, including footage and photos from Kylie’s private plane, most likely coming from one or more of their many trips together.

Khadra has been part of the Kardashian-Jenner group for many years. She has always been associated with Kylie and Kendall and is an old close friend of Kourtney Kardashian.

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In July, the 23-year-old shared many photos taken during her excursion to the deserts in Utah, some featuring a model Palestinian model.

Last month Kylie made a quick trip to Paris, and Fai and a few others were also part of her.


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