Catelynn Baltierra Weight Loss: Teenage Mom Lost 30 Pounds!

Catelynn Baltierra is a multitalented woman. Author and a public speaker, and even a TV host. But what got her noticed was her appearances on reality TV shows. Over the years, Baltierra has worked in numerous reality TV shows.

In 2009, she began her career by playing a character in sixteen and Pregnant. Following that, she made her first big break in her television career. Catelynn was chosen to be a part of the famous TV show Teen Mom and later its spin-off Teen Mom The Original. She was born very young has made everyone curious about her story.

But another reason is the recent increase in fame for Baltierra’s character. Following the birth of her third child Rya Catelynn’s husband, Tyler posted a photo of her alongside other co-stars. The photo was charming. Among the other people was a slim and attractive, Catelynn.

The caption on the photo reads, “Wifey on the move killing it! How did I come to be so lucky! ?” The reason that surprised Catelynn’s followers was her dramatic weight loss. When she gave birth to her fourth child, Baltierra had gained a significant amount of weight and was currently having trouble with her weight. However, the picture told an entirely different story.

What happened? What caused Teen Mom to lose significant weight? Let’s find out the details of Catelynn Baltierra weight loss journey.

Catelynn Baltierra Weight Loss Journey

After the birth of her fourth child, Catelynn Baltierra started her weight loss journey. She set out to lose the baby’s weight and return to the weight she was before. Catelynn Baltierra weight loss journey began with a healthier diet. The diet was mostly composed of organic foods.

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Catelynn Baltierra Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Catelynn stopped eating sugar from the beginning. She stopped eating anything with even the slightest chance of being sugar-related. Apart from that, Baltierra also stopped buying processed foods. She would cook her food using her hands and enjoy it with her family.

She would drink lots of water to ensure that her body was well-hydrated. On average, she consumed 13 to fifteen glasses of fluid daily. Her preferred choice for meals at lunch and dinner was a green vegetable salad. Baltierra also adhered to the notion that A Apple daily keeps her Doctor at bay.

In this combination of foods, healthy results were bound to happen. In the next few weeks, Baltierra began noting changes in her body, leading to a massive weight reduction.

Catelynn Baltierra Weight Loss: Workout Plan

Due to her health issues, Baltierra wasn’t in a fit state to exercise. Therefore, she decided to go with the easiest way. The Teen Mom took an hour-long walk of approximately 1 mile each day. So she didn’t have to spend hours in the gym and burned calories fast.

Catelynn Baltierra Weight Loss: Before And After

Catelynn has shed around thirty pounds during Catelynn Baltierra weight loss journey. She’s made a significant change. Before undergoing the weight loss process, her weight was 180 pounds, but today, Catelynn weighs around 150 pounds.

Last Words

Catelynn is an excellent illustration of the power of passion. She has proven that if you have the enthusiasm and are dedicated to your goals, you can achieve whatever you desire. With her 30 lbs loss in two months, Baltierra sets an excellent example for weight loss hopefuls.

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