Bailey Sarian Weight Loss: How She Achieved Her Dream Body

The well-known Youtuber Bailey Sarian is famous for her makeup work among her followers. She has millions of subscribers to her channel on YouTube. She is among the YouTubers with the highest success. But things haven’t been good lately.

Bailey Sarian Weight Loss Journey

Sarian was absent for over two weeks on her YouTube channel when she returned with heartbreaking information to share with her fans. Bailey was overwhelmed with emotion throughout the entire video.

The makeup artists described 2020 as a “S*it Year” because of Covid-19. Bailey also appeared less slender than before. Bailey stated in the video, “This calendar year was tough for us. A family member died in a month, and one of our family members died in February, after which my grandpa died. It was a sour pill to swallow “.

After that, she broke into tears. Bailey also appeared slimmer when compared to the prior. Bailey also said, “I haven’t really remembered to take good care of my own health.” People were curious if she had been through a weight loss surgery.

But, after hearing about Bailey, it appeared that this wasn’t the case. She did not lose weight for the purpose of it. Actually, she was traveling when Covid-19 was spreading rapidly. Sarian stated, “We (along with her family) were in Europe and in Belgium. When I turned CNN and saw what the Covid actually was. When I saw that Trump has prohibited travel of the Covid, we’ve lost our s*it”.

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Amid all that stress, Sarian didn’t give much time to her health and, due to stress, gained weight that was not needed. Today, in 2021, she’s living a happy and healthy life. She has shed some weight too.

Which Method Did Bailey Shed Weight?

Bailey is regularly exercised and is very careful about her diet. Sarian reduced the number of calories she consumes daily to 1500 calories, which is how she has shed weight.


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