Fat Burning Tips for Women: How to Shed Extra Pounds

Everyone knows what fat burning is right? If this is that easy, why are few people able to do it and look good?

I could tell you what everybody is telling you, but I definitely won’t do that. It’s not just about a good diet plan, adequate and correct exercise, or using the best supplements. The most important part of losing weight is how you approach this business mentally.

I will also talk about this. Simply put, all you have to do is implement your plan. So much.

First of all, suppose you have already done the following;

You do cardio for 40-60 minutes 6 times a week, preferably before breakfast.

You eat 5-8 small meals a day, do not forget protein, healthy fats and vegetables,

You do not miss your carbohydrate after training (1 g per 1 kg)

You slept for at least 6 hours.

If you do these regularly, you can get better results with the suggestions below.

Overcoming Tough Times

Fat Burning Tips for Women: How to Shed Extra Pounds

Some days can be harder than others, especially when you’re just starting a diet. You know, the moments when you ask yourself over and over again what you’re doing cardio for and why.

You are so sorry for yourself and you think everyone is better. You think of “normal” people eating ice cream every hour and you wish to be one of them.

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What you have to do; motivating yourself to implement your plan.

Most girls die for a perfect body, but they just believe that walking in the park is the secret. Even if you tell them that it’s a bit more difficult, they won’t believe you until they face the truth.

You don’t diet, you follow a perfect diet plan

Fat Burning Tips for Women: How to Shed Extra Pounds

When I need to lose a few pounds, I never say I’m on a diet because the word “diet” gives me an extreme appetite. Then I want to run to the store and buy chocolate, fried fish and other fattening stuff.

I tell myself that I can eat anything, including ice cream and candy, but even if I am going to starve, I must resist.

I know that if I seduce it will make me fat and prevent me from having a dream body. After that, the happiness of the chocolate I ate will be left to me. But this won’t take long, maybe about 2 hours, after that I’ll start to regret it. After that, it will be too late. I just destroyed an hour of cardio for a tiny little chocolate?

Show yourself

Fat Burning Tips for Women: How to Shed Extra Pounds

Nothing gives you more pleasure than swelling of your muscles, so don’t take everything in your closet and put it on you. Let yourself be seen in the mirror of the gym, and you will feel much more powerful.

Do not think of the jealous who blame you for this. If they’re jealous of this, it means they have some general psychological problems. You have to get used to these pessimistic people who are jealous of those who achieve their goal.

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Overcoming Boring Cardio

Fat Burning Tips for Women: How to Shed Extra Pounds

Ok, same thing again; Are you tired of the Stairmaster already? Hey, you’ve only done it 40 times this month! Make a list of things you can think of as you work. This is my list;

– First I think about why I’m doing this boring thing. So doing this at 4.30 in the morning isn’t much fun, and I have to remember how important it is.

– I tell myself that this training is my last workout and if I do it fully, I will get the body I want. (I know it is a lie, but my psychology is very easily deceived.)

– If I do this cardio, I promise myself that I will eat from the biggest to a chocolate. This is a big lie, but after finishing the training it doesn’t matter that eating something that makes my labor meaningless would be unnecessary.

– I visualize my weakened physique and imagine comments about how impressed people are.

– Listen to animated cardio music so that you are filled with energy. Consider what your perfect physique would look like if you were the cover of a sports magazine. What questions would they ask? How would they take pictures? Which brands would sponsor you?

Why it’s Important to Visualize Your Success

Fat Burning Tips for Women: How to Shed Extra Pounds

Don’t listen to those who say it’s impossible to reach your goal. Sure, listen to people, but be careful what they say and what you say to yourself. You are just Him whatever you believe, remember.


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