Kevin Belton Weight Loss: Diet Plan & Workout Routine

What do you imagine a professional chef does most of the time? It’s probably food is food, food, and more food. There’s no problem with cooking food.

The problem lies in eating food that is too much. One of the tasks for chefs involves tasting food before approving it for others. As a result, they consume plenty of calories each day without realizing it.

The well-known American chef Kevin Belton faces the same issue. You may have seen the chef making delicious meals on TV.

He is an excellent chef. But, due to his work and dedication to his craft, he gained quite a bit of weight. Who doesn’t get enticed by an abundance of tasty food?

Gradually, Belton hit a point at which doctors advised him to reduce his weight as it increased. Other issues were also escalating.

He became concerned and began to figure it out. Belton was able to figure the issue out. When his weight rose gradually, he lost it slowly.

If you’ve been following Kevin for a long time, you may not have noticed the same way. However, if you compare his photos with those of 3 years old, you’ll see many positive improvements.

When interviewed, Belton said, “I worked on the project for an extended time. I think about food. I had to do something. I was experiencing discomfort. I was told that I was diabetic, and my blood pressure increased. My wife and I determined to take action about it.”

What Year Did Kevin Begin His Weight Loss Journey?

In the year 2017, Kevin finally made the decision to shed his excess weight and unhealthy habits. Kevin took several serious steps following his health’s warning signs.

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It wasn’t an easy task; however, Kevin had to finish it. Kevin must be fit and healthy for himself and for his family members.

When the celebrity chef began the weight-loss journey, he focused solely on his overall health. He stayed away from the TV for some time.

As Kevin’s fans waited for Kevin to break the silence and share some tasty recipes, he focused on his health and wellbeing. It was a much more vital thing to take care of.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey

After two years, Kevin began to use social media in 2019. A flurry of excitement came over his fans.

After he shared his latest images, fans were awestruck and asked what Belton did during this time. Many were worried about his health, too.

But, he made the point that his health has no problem. Actually, his health is far better than it was the days before.

When Kevin revealed that he had lost weight intentionally, The fans were keen to learn more.

Most fans wanted to know which pills Belton had taken to shed weight. However, Belton has not taken any weight loss pills.

He shed weight in a healthy method by following healthy guidelines. Fans were ecstatic due to a reason. His weight reduction of Kevin was huge.

Over the course that lasted two years shed nearly half of his body weight. Here’s what he did to shed weight.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Belton was a follower of a low-carb lifestyle. The low-carb diet limits the consumption of carbs. Belton does not eat many starchy vegetables, grains, or fruits.

He consumes foods rich in protein. Kevin has stated, “I have a low carb diet and not no-carb because this is not the right way to go for me. I eat lots of small portions. It’s taken me some time and was hard, but the rewards are worth it.”

Kevin added, “It is not great to avoid eating something you love very much. Adjusting to something new to your eating habits isn’t simple. It requires putting in a lot of effort. However, if you are certain it’s the right decision. It’s not just the right, but the only thing you can do. This is why it’s not difficult to make changes.”

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The tea was also replaced with fresh juices.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Kevin began with a strict workout program. The most remarkable thing about Belton’s exercise was that it wasn’t too intense.

He was a sluggish guy. This is the reason it took this long for Belton to gain weight. The chef’s Instagram post wrote, “It took me more than two years, but I’ve lost 130lbs. I train daily with my wife and my puppy Cookie Monster.”

He’s been to a gym, but most of his training is by himself at home along with his wife.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Kevin Belton Weight Loss 2022 Before and After

Kevin has shed a significant amount of weight thanks to his dedication. Belton has lost over the weight of 58 kilograms (130lbs) in just two years.

Big deal, isn’t it? Before beginning the weight loss program, his weight was 133kgs (295lbs). Now, his weight is 75kgs (165lbs).

What Did Kevin State About His Weight Loss?

Kevin stated, “I needed to take action about it. It’s been more than two years since I started, and I have more to lose; however, my doctor said I could have easily gotten rid of the next 10-20 years of my life. I am feeling so much happier and thankful for it.” It is one of the benefits of losing fat. It’s not just a way to protect yourself from many ailments but also improves the duration of your life.

Who Is Kevin Belton?

Kevin Belton was born on 1 January 1960. The chef is an American chef. Kevin can also be seen as a TV presenter and the author of three books.

Kevin lives in the same house with his wife, Monica Belton, and children. Because of the recent crisis of Covid-19, Kevin was restricted to his home, just like others. He spent his days in being in quarantine at home with his family. He also stopped going to the gym.

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Like every other chef, Kevin’s day is also filled with food. However, he’s stopped taking in too much food.

We can learn about the art of perseverance from Kevin Belton, which is vital for each step of our lives. If you’re suffering from obesity or trying to be healthy, Kevin’s method can be helpful.

It is possible to follow the diet program and see some good results. Obesity is an enormous issue today, and most people are overweight.

All of this is due to all the luxury we have today; however, a major role is played by fast and unhealthy food items in this. I hope Kevin’s story can help you fight to reduce your weight.


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