McKayla Plastic Surgery: Face, Lips Fillers & Nose Job

McKayla plastic surgery before and after photos showcase fillers for her lips and face and the procedure known as rhinoplasty, also known as a nose-job.

Born on the 9th of December, in 1995. McKayla Maroney is an artist gymnast and performer of in the United States.

She participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics as a member for the American women’s gymnastics team referred to in the world as the Fierce Five. She won a gold medal for the entire team and a gold medal at the vault competition.

Maroney was also a gold medal-winning American squad member at the World Championships, where she won gold medals in both vault and team events.

She was able to keep her World championship. She took home the gold medal in vault during 2013 World Championships, cementing herself as the first American female gymnast to achieve this feat.

After she decided to quit competitive gymnastics in the year 2016 McKayla Maroney has gathered attention for her supposed plastic surgery efforts because many believe she appears quite different. What type of cosmetic surgery have she undergone? Let’s learn more.

McKayla Plastic Surgery Before And After

According to numerous stories, the gymnast with the talent McKayla Maroney had plastic surgery following her win at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Let’s attempt to prove her innocence first.

Although it is clear that her appearance has changed, it’s not certain if she’s had plastic surgery. The first thing to note is that she was a young girl around puberty.

Her facial features and body features changed as she aged. However, some people have strong opinions about her new look.

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According to various different sources McKayla was undergoing certain cosmetic changes. When you look at two photographs, one taken at the beginning of her career, and the one from more recent times It’s obvious that McKayla straightened her facial features.

Contrasting her prior larger nose and bridge, which had more nostrils, she has a slimmer, more pointed nose that is perfectly proportioned to her face.

If you look at the area of the chin it is evident that it’s more prominent now than in the past. The lips also appear fuller as experts in the field confirm.

As per Dr. Miami (Michael Salzhauer), Maroney, 25 is likely to be thankful the fillers she received for her fresh lip line. He stated:

I think she’s been using fillers for her lips, similar to Kylie Jenner. It’s most likely Juvederm.

Commenting on his belief that she was given Juvederm injections Dr. Anthony Youn added:

Are you McKayla Maroney or Kardashian? A little Botox in the area of her eyebrows could cause her arched, high eyebrows too.

He also noted that

She may also have received injections of a cheek filler such as Voluma which gave her more cheeks, more sculpted and defined.

Dr. Zara Harutyunyan, a doctor from Cosmetic Rejuvenation agreed that Maroney used Voluma and said that lash extensions can help in making her eyes appear more attractive and also make them appear bigger.

Her nose is also more sleek, especially around the tips. This could be due to an unintentional rhinoplasty, often described as a tip-rhinoplasty per Dr. Sarmela Sunder.

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Her chin is more prominent also and could be the result of chin fillers, or a small implant for the chin as Dr. Sunder noted.

Dr. Harutyunyan said her breasts look larger however this could be because she’s not working out as hard and has gained weight. However it could be that she undergone breast enhancement surgery.

Dr. Miami concurred that her breasts appear bigger however she suggested that it could be because of how she is positioned in photos. However it’s possible that she had breast augmentation surgery, which would have changed her breast size from an A to a C the Dr. Youn remarked. They’re definitely a great choice for her physique.

Mckayla Maroney Speaks Out About The Plastic Surgery Rumors

McKayla Maroney never admitted to having plastic surgery, or any other cosmetic procedures, however, in 2012 she came out against every one of her negative criticisms.

The Olympian wrote on Instagram:

I completely know why people are angry about my ‘changing’ I get it.. But If I could promise that one thing, I’ll never cease to change. It’s all about growing by evolving, changing and becoming more you.

McKayla added

These past few years I’ve never done anything else! I’ve finally reached the point of knowing my identity and what I’d like to see in my life. You could either love me or be angry at me for it. Whatever the case I am in love with you and wish you all the best as an authentic role model is to be someone willing to be who they are, regardless of what other people think.. And if I can help someone else to be like this, I’ve accomplished my part on the planet. #KeepSmiling.

This is all we need to know, but people kept asking questions about her despite her lengthy message. In 2016 The magazine “Life & Style” suggested that she may have done an impromptu boob-job according to her Instagram posting.

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We’re not sure that anyone will ever stop thinking about her surgeries and whatnot. What is important is if the individual is content and confident in their work.

It doesn’t matter that they’ve undergone physical changes or other cosmetic procedures. It’s all about being beautiful on the inside. Which McKayla certainly is!


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