Noom Diet: Is It Worth Trying?

If you love smartphones and apps that allow virtual interaction with your health, the digital health application Noom may be the perfect fit for you. With Noom, it’s not only about food choices – but the reason you consume. Noom is all about developing self-awareness and accountability habits which can result in weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

In the Noom Healthy Weight app, you keep track of each meal and snack you eat and your weight and workout routine. Your coach-on-one-one-one-one-one-one-one- you, and encourages you via the app’s message feature. Additionally, you can connect to your Noom support group’s coach and the group members you have been assigned to.

The caloric density of food is the primary nutritional component for the Noom Healthy Weight program, which was designed through input from psychologists and registered dietitians. Noom recommends food items with a low caloric density, which means foods that contain a lot of water and are low in calories in volume. Based on your gender, age, and weight-loss goals for yourself, which is the weight you would like to achieve by a specific date, at the speed you choose – Noom calculates your recommended daily calorie limit.

The Noom company grew from an exercise and calorie-tracking program to a platform that blends technology, human coaching, and psychology. The Noom team comprises the cofounders of Sanju Jeong, Artem Petakov, the chief of psychology, clinical psychologist Andreas Michaelides and more than three thousand human coaches.

No coach who goes through the training provided by Noom they are chosen because of their compassion and kindness. Although not all of them are dietitians or nutritionists, Some members of the team of coaches hold several qualifications and certificates related to health and well-being. While Noom is often referred to as”a “millennial food plan,” its age group of its users is equally among people aged between 18 and 60 years old as well as older and older, with those aged 40 to 59 forming the majority as per the website.

Balanced Diet

They fall within the accepted limits in terms of carbohydrates, protein fat, and other nutrients.

Pros & Cons

  • Coaching and support for groups
  • Flexible food options
  • Insufficient nutritional guidance
  • You’re hooked to your smartphone

U.S. News Best Diet Rankings

No ranked #13 in Best Diets Overall. Experts in the field assessed forty diets. Check out our ranking of the diets on this page.

The Noom is the highest-ranked.

  • #13in Best Diets Overall (tie)
  • #20in Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets (tie)
  • #12in Best Weight-Loss Diets (tie)
  • #21in Best Heart-Healthy Diets (tie)
  • #22in Best Diabetes Diets (tie)
  • #4in Best Diet Programs
  • #13in Best Diets for Healthy Eating (tie)
  • #10in Easiest Diets to Follow



  • 3.2/5Short-Term Weight Loss
  • 2.8/5Long-Term Weight Loss
  • 2.8/5Easy to Follow
  • 4.0/5Healthy
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Scores are based on the opinions of experts.

What Is The Process Behind The Noom Function?

D.O.’S & DON’T

Download the Noom application and then navigate an array of screens, including items like your weight loss goal, gender, age, weight starting point, and the pace you prefer to lose weight. Other screens in the mix include messages for promotion and short snippets of Noom philosophy and positive research findings.

More detailed demographic questions look at your activities, diet, lifestyle, environmental conditions, eating habits, and whether you are at risk of developing any of illnesses, including heart disease and high blood pressure, and diabetes. Based on the results of your responses, you’re given the precise date when you’ll be able to attain your weight-loss goal.

There won’t be an exact meal plan. Instead, the Noom app responds to the information you enter about your foods and the amount you consume. To aid you in making your decisions, Noom provides three color-coded food categories. Foods are classified according to their caloric density and the concentration of healthy nutrients.

  • Green food items such as vegetables, fruits, and entire grains are among the most healthy selections.
  • Yellow food items such as lean meats and starches should be a reasonable portion of your diet.
  • Red food items such as beef and red desserts are best eaten less often and in more minor portions.

Green foods comprise approximately 70% of a healthy diet. However, you can take advantage of eating more green food items to help keep your calories low, Noom advises.

When you record every drink and food you consume during every meal or snack, The app will automatically add up the calories consumed and provides you with the remaining amount. While recording each food item, short positive remarks (“Fruit You made an intelligent choice! Excellent job.”) Give you immediate feedback. If you record your weight every day, the data is automatically graphed, so you’ll be able to see the trends. Your coach will check in often with encouraging and positive messages.

After joining in your group of support, the topics will include advice on eating in a non-distracting way, strategies to stay active, innovative ways to drink more water and motivate in vs. momentum, to name a few.

If you’re seeking macronutrients other than calories, including sodium-potassium, potassium, protein, total cholesterol, and fat breakdowns for every food, you’ll need to find that information yourself.

How Can The Noom Help You?

If you’re planning to begin the Noom diet or have already started your journey to lose weight, it’s beneficial to be aware of the various ways you can receive help throughout the journey. Here are a few examples of the ways you can receive support. No diet We can help you:

  • All services are provided using the Noom application (one-on-one coaching and group coaching and support groups and tracking tools for exercise and food and interactive challenges, recipe database, and daily lessons that are personalized.)
  • No Blog for recipe and information ideas.
  • Support groups for private groups, which are not official, on Facebook.
  • Trial period and pre-assessment for free.

What Foods Can I Take In?

The fruits like the kiwi, tomatoes, and tomatoes can help you stay within your Noom budget for calories.

What Does The Cost Of Noom Cost?

Once you have completed the demographics, you can begin with a two-week Noom trial for a small cost. You must provide your credit card details at that point, and the entire cost of your subscription will be debited to your account after your trial expires. From July 2021 onwards, a month-long plan costs $59, while a two-month plan costs $99, and a 3-month plan is $129 with more plans to choose from. Flexible plans for meals and workouts can be purchased as add-ons. The cost for a custom meal is $49.

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Can Noom Aid You In Losing Weight?

You will likely lose weight when you Noom. The general rule is that diets low in calories and high in nutrients have been proven to increase greater fullness, consume fewer calories, and result in weight reduction, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Research on diets with low calories (like volumetrics and similar plans) proves their effectiveness:

  • The investigation of the May 2018 issue of the Journal of Nutrition compared weight reduction with a low-calorie diet and a diet that was not restricted to more than 100 women from the U.K. who are obese or are overweight. The people who ate a low-calorie diet gained weight faster and had fewer cravings throughout the 12 weeks of study.
  • A systematic review comprising 13 studies, all published in the April edition of Nutrients, confirmed the connection to weight loss and low-density food sources.
  • A study from October 2016 published within the European Journal of Nutrition looked at eating habits among more than 9500 adults. People who consumed higher proportions of low- and very-low-calorie-dense foods had lower body mass indexes (or BMI, which takes both weight and height into account) and smaller waist sizes and were less likely to have obesity.

New research suggests support for the following Noom components:

  • A new study by Noom indicates that the food classification system, particularly the color-coding of Noom, imparts the ingrained nutritional information and allows people to keep an energizing diet for as long as 18 months after. The study was published at the end of May in Nutrients.
  • The 2020 study indicates that technological interventions for weight loss are the most efficient when feedback from a human and assistance is included.

As per Noom website according to the Noom website, the average weight loss for those who follow Noom’s program is 7.5 percent from their weight, and 60% of those who use the program maintain their weight loss for one year following the program.

The Noom website lists studies that support the plan’s weight-loss effectiveness. However, the majority of those studies contain Noom team members as researchers.

Noom and other independent sources’ research confirm the value of smartphone apps to encourage and maintain behaviors changes among motivated people.

How Simple Do You Find Noom Easy To Learn?

You’ll need to reduce your high-calorie, fat, and sugary food items. Since Noom is built on tweaking your food preferences instead of limiting entire food categories, it could increase your odds of sticking to it for a long time.

The use of Noom is quite simple. The app’s food database contains thousands of products comprising commercial and whole food items, by brand name, and menus from major chain restaurants. Noom gives nutritional advice in bite-sized portions as you make your way through the day – you won’t be overwhelmed by details at once.

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This Noom app provides simple recipes. The app also warns you when recipes can exceed your daily calorie allowance and instantly calculates it every time you record food or snacks. The nutrition data for all recipes is restricted to the number of calories for every ingredient. The content of sodium, carbs, fat proteins, and other nutrients aren’t mentioned in recipes.

Dining out can be arranged with Noom. The Noom database contains dishes from more than 800 chains and restaurants, or you can type in the name of a dish. The “Menu Decoder” section guides you through different types of food, such as appetizers (appetizers). It identifies certain dishes at a handful of chain restaurants that boast astonishingly high-calorie counts. A quick quiz walks you through typical food items in restaurants, including portions, calories per serving, and salt content. Word lists that refer to healthy (light fresh, light, etc.).) or unhealthy (deep-fried and smooth) foods will help you narrow your choices. Alcohol is permitted – as long as it can fit into your suggested calories. However, wine falls under the “red” category item best consumed in smaller and small quantities.

It can be very time-consuming. Recording every meal and responding to numerous notifications from the coach or support group implies that Noom needs your focus (although in small amounts) all day long. Planning meals and shopping for groceries might not be much different from your routine before Noom.

No resources are readily available. Using the Noom app, all the resources you need, from coaching to recipes and group support, are all at your fingertips.

You will feel satisfied with Noom. By combining low-caloric, nutritious foods (like oatmeal or spinach) with small portions of high-density foods (like sweets), you can satisfy your cravings rather than feeling deprived. Nutrition experts emphasize that satiety is crucial. It’s the feeling that you’ve eaten enough food.

How Much Exercise Should You Do On Noom?

Training – and getting you moving more is another everyday behavior change that Noom is a part of. Noom utilizes its built-in motion sensor of the phone to monitor the pace you walk in by recording your steps. You can boost your steps target whenever you’re feeling prepared. You can track running and many other fitness-related activities using the app.


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