The Liver King Diet Plan and Review: How to Eat Like Him?

The liver king is Brian Johnson of Ancestral Supplements and is the king of social media. The liver king diet includes eggs, liver, maple syrup, and tests.

My food choices include meat and organs, broth, raw milk, potatoes, and junk foods.

Does Brian cut his chest? Yes!

Do I? Sometimes.

Do you know that Brian the Liver King, who rhymes with Tiger King, has a beard? Yes. It’s a lovely beard.

Do I have a beard? Right now, it is.

Is Mr. Johnson bald? Not at all.

Me? Yes, I’m hairless. I’m very hairless.

Is the Liver King taking Proviron or Masteron? Crickets…

Me? Nah.

Do the Liver Kings live in an ancestral residence?

There is no way that the McMansion is an ancestral home. Me? Maybe?

This is assuming you count the house as a Sears and Roebucks house. You can leave that one out with a shoulder shrug.

We both don’t receive any ancestral income. However, we both do exercise. Brian is a strong advocate for exercising, getting out in the sun, and eating healthy meals.

The brand is all about. Naturally, I am a fan of exercising, especially the deadlift; however, I don’t program it for my athletes.

And lastly,, who has the biggest bench press? I do, duh.

Day #1 : The Liver King Diet

Liver King Diet Plan

I love the taste of raw ground beef with salt. I started with three ounces of the shank that I had eaten. Being a Liver King immediately inspired me to prepare my meals.

Preparing meals is a good thing because I was aware of my macros in a flash. I also prepared shakes of collagen and protein using water and fresh camel milk.

I also used the Earth-Fed Muscle supplements. I also included raw liver and bone marrow in my fresh ground beef.

Raw milk is delicious and digestible for me. It’s full of powerful antioxidants. I ate the whole meal, especially because I am a fan of maple syrup.

The biggest issue I have with raw meat is the stringy texture it feels. It’s more about the texture rather than the flavor.

Bone broth is something I prepare every day. Before this, I don’t think I’d ever eaten the raw bone marrow. It’s like eating nothing. It has a strange texture. It’s almost like dry toothpaste.

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Then I came to the eggs that were still raw. I put the egg whites on the roof. It’s the PA method to eat raw eggs.

I separated the egg’s white from the yolk. I placed the yolks over the raw beef. I really enjoy runny eggs. I simply tossed everything together and called it a dish.

The most important thing to consider when enjoying eating meat raw is understanding where your food originates from.

Luckily one of our in-house graphic designers’ parents has and manages a farm run by grass-fed cattle. My brother also farms, and the meat I consumed was from excellent sources.

The Liver King is a great job of not being too insane of a question. It’s about two ounces of the liver. It’s not much.

It was a bit weird to be filmed during my meal. The next meal was raw bone marrow and ten pounds of red meat and potatoes. Additionally, I consumed some homemade yogurt. I can’t afford to be lazy with this diet.

I cooked my massive rib-eye steak. While cooking, I consumed bones marrow and liver that I had eaten raw. It was a strange texture, especially when you chew bone marrow.

The steak was well cooked. It was served with avocado as well as sweet potatoes.

Day one was completed and easy. It’s not that difficult.

Day #2 : The Liver King Diet

The Liver King Diet

Protein, raw yogurt, collagen, raw egg yolks, raw beef, bone Marrow, camel milk, EFM Whey Protein, and raw liver. Protein powder tastes similar to mint girl cookies from Scouts. The liver developed upon me rapidly.

I am a fan of carbohydrates which is why beans, rice, and oatmeal are staples for me. The Liver King eats only sweet potatoes and avocados, so I decided to eat these every night.

One of the most important aspects of this eating style is how the brain reacts to the food. Food doesn’t taste bad; however, it’s not very delicious. It’s not ice cream. The reward system for food isn’t as high-calorie as the Liver King. So you won’t go overboard.

In the afternoon, I consumed some liver in raw form. It was a big success…

I had a big meal before my liver king fast for dinner at home. I had bone marrow, liver, little nuts, and butter and cooked up some steaks, burgers, sweet potatoes, and avocados. I rinsed it off with some milk. The entire family ate together at the table.

I began my fast at 7:15 PM.

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Day #3 : The Liver King Diet

Eating GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Bone broth was ready for consumption at 2 PM. There were approximately six hours to go before dinner.

After about two hours of the fast, I confessed that I was quite hungry. The benefit of the fast is that you have to exercise some self-control. Walking with my family helped keep my mind off. I’ll admit that I did feel a bit angry during fasting.

I broke my fast with a raw egg. The yolk of the egg coats the gut nicely. I followed it up with some fresh liver and enormous bone marrow. I spiced with a cut of steak and cooked it, and then ate it.

Day #4 : The Liver King Diet

I enjoyed the fast, so the day before that, I decided to do it for over 18 hours. It was also my intention to add another organ to the mix. The organ is the heart. The heart is like a weak human roast. I believe the heart is undervalued in terms of taste; it’s not as great as the liver.

Only a few days left.

Day #5 : The Liver King Diet

Brian Johnson Liver King Diet

I have tested negative for Covid.

I’m double-vaccinated. I felt a lot of body soreness and experienced a little bit of headache. My symptoms were not severe.

In the end, I just continued eating my Liver King diet.

One of my first meals with Covid started with two egg yolks cooked raw. Indeed, the Liver King isn’t a huge greens fan; however, since I was having Covid and wanted to be feeling healthy, I mashed sauerkraut in raw form. I was a little off from the Liver King.

What’s the matter?

I had 2 bowls of broth and bone marrow.

I also had stewed meat.

Day #6 : The Liver King Diet

I went for a walk with no shirt. It was about 10 degrees. It helped open my chest. Things I do to make an image that is a thumbnail. I just ate a piece of rough heart.

Day #7 : The Liver King Diet

Blood Eat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Last day. My main aim was to create lots of bone broth. I continued to chew on my heart. Heart texture can be superior to the liver.

I loved my raw liver, which was flavored with cayenne. Raw egg yolks were added to helped to speed up the process of helping the digestive system.

However, there is a benefit from vegetables. However, I believe that it’s a good idea to follow the Liver King diet is pretty sensible. I really enjoyed the diet.

Do We Suggest You Try The Liver King Diet?

Although the Liver King is a proponent of his diet, it’s not a recommended diet for everyone. There are a variety of high-protein, iron-rich foods that could be added to a more healthy diet.

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The methods he advocates aren’t practical for most people. His physique is likely the result of his training and nutrition from different substances than raw meats and animal products.

Last Words

Is Liver King Diet Healthy

My Covid is cured.

Dietary guidelines like the Liver King diet and its prepping meal program helped tremendously. The meal prep made life easy and prevented me from overeating.

Raw flavors can be strange and a bit odd. However, I don’t believe the diet is all that bad.

The Liver King encourages family time, exercise, and eating whole food. I believe it’s appropriate to encourage an understanding of where food is taken from. It’s extremely suitable.

It is also necessary to highlight the Liver King’s deceitful behavior. His physique isn’t simply the result of living from the past. Also, we need to expose his business associate, CarnivoreMD2.0, and the two are in symbiosis.

The Liver King is marketing to bros and others over the top. At the same time, CarnivoreMD delivers benefits to those with a more academic mind. They both own supplement companies.

The Liver King has also commented via what’s basically the same bot. He commented on the channel of Zach Telander with the exact same comments that we used on our video.

Be aware that the trickery boosts the size of someone’s financial gain.


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