The Liver King: Scam or Not? Here’s What We Found

We are being contacted by those who want us to think about and react to The Liver King. He has been identified as Brian Johnson, and no is not the lead singer of ACDC. He is full of energy. He talks about finding energy and happiness back in the world. This is an admirable message.

He also speaks about eating healthy. He also shares his nine principles of living the way his ancestors did.

Upon my initial call-out, I noticed that he may have read “Nutrition And Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price, DDS. He has taken all the information from it. He now applies the information to his website as well as online businesses. He is also doing an excellent job copying content from others.

Weston A. Price was a dentist at the beginning of 1900 who traveled around studying indigenous people. Price studied the food habits of these indigenous people and how they consumed their food. For example, Price recorded how some communities ate organ meats to obtain vitamins such as MK7, K2, and others.

Who Is The Liver King?

Brian Johnson Liver King Wife

Brian Johnson, aka Liver King, is a popular social media influencer and the CEO of “Ancestral Lifestyle” and owns several businesses.

The 44-year-old gained immense fame on the internet by taking in a significant amount of liver that was cooked in the raw. It’s not as obvious as it sounds; however, people enjoy weird stuff in the internet world.

In a relatively short time, Brian has more than 376K followers as of the time of posting in the account. Instagram account.

Brian is a self-proclaimed “Liver King.” Being a well-known celebrity, Brian himself promotes his lifestyle to people. The 44-year-old Brian is a firm believer in health and fitness and has a strong physique.

Simply by living a life of ancestors that we left behind long ago, Johnson has an incredibly muscular body and a slender physique that made him a target for the spotlight.


Brian Johnson Liver King

His physique is awe-inspiring. He discusses his first major principle, sleeping, and how it can outdo all other things. I believe this is an excellent message.

The tenet of eating has me laughing. I’m not sure the reason why eating is an ancient principle. I believe that eating food has a role in the survival principle.

If we don’t eat food, we are likely to be dead. That makes me think, what exactly is the term “ancestor? I’m of Dutch descendants; how many generations are we discussing here?

The Liver King is known for his talk about eating whole animals. It’s a standard practice among tribal peoples of the past. Some tribes were vegetarians. However, we’ve evolved to eat animal flesh in most societies.

Then the Liver King goes into the sport of moving. Moving is his definition of fitness. Things like walking, exercising, and maybe taking napping. So far, it’s been fairly normal.

This is where we get to explore some fascinating stuff. First, we must consider the oldest principle in that shield.

The website says, “WE must protect our families and protect them from Dangers!” This is where I believe things can make me feel a bit tired. It creates a strange sensation in the form of “follow my lead.”

It’s like (head to the side and side-eyes) do not disrupt your hormones can be considered the shield principle. He also advises against plastics, which seems odd as plastics are a regular feature throughout his films.

I’m also curious to know if he is mercury-filled?

The second one is connecting. This tenet reminds me of David Avocado Wolfe and his beds, grounding pads, and everything else that can provide the anti-inflammatory impact with electrical and magnetic fields.

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Liver King tries to convince us that you should be in the natural world. There’s some truth to going out into the natural world.

This leads us back to the principle of cold, which states that comfort isn’t good for our bodies; therefore, take a cold shower. What happened to the indigenous people who resided and lived close to the Equator?

Geography has a significant impact on the temperature and climate. I believe there is merit in being more comfortable with discomfort.

There is another Tenet, sun. Sun is a wonderful aspect of going out in the morning, and when the sun is hitting your eyes, it aids in getting your cycle established. Making it a habit to do it every day during the week is beneficial.

There’s a lot of scientific research that supports this. However, the Liver King connects this and teeth, referring to not flossing or brushing your teeth.

Perhaps because of vitamin D?

But I’m pretty sure indigenous people did floss. Also, Liver King speaks about MK4, which can be beneficial.

We then get to the fundamentals that will be the basis of our battle. Liver King states that we’ll fight, scrape, endure and ultimately win. He also says that we are rewarded with an enormous dose of dopamine when we do win.

This tenet is about pushing ourselves, having a smug, progressive mentality discussing getting the job done, achieving targets, and lighting an internal fire. In essence, create a goal to become proficient at something and then steamroll everything.

That leads us into the 9th and last tenet: the bond. The Liver King said that we are part of more than one thing which gives me an almost socialistic vibe to travel around and connect with people, create communities, and build acquaintances to play with.

Liver & Bull Testicles

Liver King Net Worth

Then there’s the food.

A nutrient-dense raw cattle liver is the “best food you can eat after exercising.” One of my first savages from FitGAG used to make raw liver shakes with tomato juice, cayenne pepper lemon, and a hint of mint. Add it to shakes, mix it up, and then drink it. It’s basically a V8 liver shake.

If you intend to consume raw liver from a cow, purchase it from a grass-fed farm. Be sure that the meat comes from a reputable source. If it’s not a top-quality product, I’d not even consider eating it.

Liver King claims that we prefer processed food items and muscle meats in our modern times while avoiding the most nutritional components.

Indigenous peoples from America’s killing buffaloes often did not touch the animal’s liver, the first food they would consume with their bare hands.

They would use a stick to get the liver into their mouths.

They also ate eyes and the heart.

They still ate meat from muscle.

They didn’t want to let it go.

In addition, it is delicious to eat bone marrow. In addition, I’d like to add that If the Liver King advocates eating the animal’s horn to hoof, then that’s eating the meat of the muscle too.

Liver King discusses basic food, such as bone broth. The old term was Boner broth. Bone broth is so rich in glycine that you’ll rest very well. Males can comprehend what would happen when they wake up.

The Liver King also has an insane Ford truck, pulled with chains tied around his neck. He is a complete brutal savage. The diet he promotes revolves around high-quality food. Recuperating with adequate sleep between workouts and time with family members is a great idea.

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The Liver King advises you not to interfere with your hormones. But the Liver King is clearly in the middle of his gas.

He’s at full speed. He’s drinking the sauce. He’s so slim; his drink could be a bio-test vocabulary review. Even though this isn’t his main tenet, he is a complete machine that needs to be watched.

Gelatin, collagen, and the food items that the Liver King consumes every day are fascinating. I’ll say that bone marrow tastes great on toast, particularly sourdough. Lamb shanks are a great source of bone marrow.

I’d take the bone marrow from the shank. Then the Liver King talks of maple syrup, a highly-processed syrup, as part of his breakfast. However, the Liver King has to define what he believes is a processed food item.

The raw and kimchi varieties are both processed foods. It’s not enough to just throw around the word-processed food. In the next clip I watched, the man demonstrated gelatin, creatine duck fat, and a protein shake (that has been processed).

He also speaks about eating raw eggs. I’ll say that I prefer to cook egg whites and then eat the egg yolks of eggs raw. Make sure that the raw food is from a top-quality location.

A completely aside, I did not realize that our ancestors were in sick houses like the Liver King. Then Liver King talks about “breaking the fast” before eating lunch.

He just ate breakfast.

When did he last fast? ?!?!?!

Guy is a pro at marketing.

It’s a fact.

My gut tells me someone with an online business savvy came into the King’s palace, put in an amount of money, and created the image of a barbarian to make lots of money. Join, like, and apply to the group on his site.

While browsing his website, I discovered that he offers products and sells beef liver. I believe the firm is based in Austin, Texas. It made everything go full circle in my head at this moment. It’s a shame I didn’t know this before sitting down to study and respond.

The Liver King discusses drinking one pint of raw milk. At FitGAG, we’ve sold raw milk over the past twelve years.

Ensure that the raw milk comes from a certified clean, high-quality, certified source. The Liver King says in the video that raw milk had been squeezed the next morning. I doubt it because if you purchase raw milk, it’s generally up to 3 days before drinking it.

He then serves tartar and Redmond sea salt and a few pepper pieces to eat. It reminds me of ceviche. I believe it is safer than raw meat since it simmers in a base of citrus.

I would like to point out that it was our forefathers who were able to figure out the art of cooking food. Once we learn the best way to prepare food and eat it, we can absorb more minerals and vitamins. The fire helps with the process of food. It’s inaccurate to say that we evolved by eating raw meat; we changed with fire. Fire can be used to cook food.

The Liver King speaks about his chocolate liver Ice cream. I am a huge fan of the taste of ice cream. That’s all.

After that, I watched a workout video. Liver King is linked. I’m also happy because I’ve been talking about the concepts of “Nutrition and physical degeneration” for a long time, and no one cared. I’m devastated. It’s been a good job by the Liver King. a great job in figuring this out.

I can understand the coolness of knocking on meat beyond the pale and inaccessible meat and then ripping it off the vegans. The promotional video is awesome. Javelin throwing, Ax throwing, sledgehammers, and lifting barbells with barbells. I’ll say it again that he doesn’t reside (or screen?) in an ancestral home. In the end, it can be great to market.

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I’m not happy with how the guy always stares towards the left when he is in videos I’ve seen. He’s clearly not happy eating ball bags.

Brian Johnson Liver King: Before and After

Brian Johnson Liver King Before After Photo

Brian has posted his first pictures on his social media. Brian, the American bodybuilder, was a weightlifter from a young age.

Brian posted a photo and an account about his adolescent years and the difficulties that ensued while a young man.

The bodybuilder shared, “For an understanding… My life was hell during my teenage years (and I would not trade it for anyone else). My name was not the sole unique person in my high school… just to add insult to injury for me …”

Liver King went on to say, “I was undersized… I was ugly… I didn’t have one acquaintance and had no self-worth. I was knocked, punched, and slammed into me every day – for many years (no exaggeration here). Without my Dad, I was forced to get out of the hellhole of my life. I did. I began to work. I was able to get stronger.”

Brian said, “I was able to imposition my will. I was able to take ownership of my situation and took on my fears. I built myself up to confidence and created an entirely new lifestyle for myself… one that I would like to live in.

This was my rite of passage. It transformed me into the evolutionary hunter and the relentless fighter and the serial ancestor businessman I am today.”

Last Words

Liver King Steroids

The most important questions I have are: What’s the purpose? What’s the purpose? It would be more enjoyable to live off-grid and didn’t rely on electricity.

I think it is also important to acknowledge that our ancestors lived in fire and that not all food was eaten raw. It wasn’t always the case that everyone ate meat raw.

The Liver King has a reputation for promoting sensible things. He is also on a kind of fuel and PEDs. It’s likely part of the sales and marketing pitch; however, this is the only thing that irritates me.

Do you go on a high-speed train and then appear that eating raw meat can lead to a body that isn’t?

In the end, I believe we’ll discover there are incredible investors and marketers behind his success that led to this increase.

If you are familiar with them, please tell them to call me, and I’d be happy to speak with them.


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