Mimi Keene Plastic Surgery: Boob Job! Is It True?

Mimi Keene plastic surgery (boob-job) is trending on the internet. Was S*x Education’s Ruby Matthews star performing surgery on her breasts? See Mimi Keene’s before and post-transformation.

Ruby Matthews, the famous mean girl from Moordale, could have wowed some of her viewers as the S*x Education season 3 debuted. We all know how much we love Otis ( Asa Butterfield), But is it fair to blame him for being a bit impulsive?

But his suspicions proved right when Ruby was seen swaggering out of the final episode as one of the season’s main characters with a witty and nuanced character who was not restricted by her superficiality or elitist comments.

Performer Mimi Keene, one of the show’s least appreciated talents, has been the sole reason for this transformation.

Besides her dazzling appearance in the show S*x Education Season 3, Mimi Keene is currently making rounds regarding her supposed plastic surgery projects, most notably the boob job. Did she really undergo the knife? Let’s find out.

Mimi Keene Plastic Surgery Apparently Includes Boob Job

Mimi Keene recently stated that she’s eager to learn more about Ruby’s personality since her arrogance and flawless manner are exposed.

In the majority of cases, things are going easily in her life at this moment. She has told Glamour that Otis ( Asa Butterfield) aids her character in opening up.

Ruby (Keene) has been initially a comic foil for Maeve‘s ( Emma Mackey) laconic rationalism. Still, she evolves into a lover with incredible emotional depth thanks to Keene’s acting skills.

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Her relationship with Otis — or, more accurately, the lack of it–is one of the season’s most painfully saddest developments in the final episode.

It’s no surprise that Mimi has captivated fans with her amazing performance as Ruby Matthews. It’s not just her screen performance that viewers are fascinated by. Many can’t help but notice her transformation in appearance, most evidently plastic surgery, as in the form of a boob-job.

So did the actress go to get breast implants? Although there’s no evidence to support this, our experts appear to agree with the fan of their doubts. Mimi Keene does look like she’s had a boob job.

However, the Ruby Matthews actress from S*x Education would likely discuss her new look in appearance any time soon. So, all these speculations will remain speculations that cannot be either confirmed or disproved.

However, the plastic surgeons from Weight & Skin seem pretty certain the woman has had fillers for her lips, and Botox also has an obvious boob job.

The S*X Educational Star Mimi Keene: Ruby Matthews Actress’ Early Life And Career

The actress, now based in London, has been a resident of England and the United Kingdom. However, Mimi Keene was mostly raised in Hertfordshire, north of London.

The region is home to a little over a million residents. It is most likely known for the world-renowned St. Albans Cathedral, with some of the most stunning architectural styles dating back to the 11th century and most likely constructed in the 8th century.

During three seasons, Keene attended the 110-year-old famous London performance art school. Alongside Naomi Campbell and Russell Brand, the former students include Julianne Hough and Tracey Ullman.

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It was on the comedy Kin, which revolves around a boarding school for girls in the early ’90s in which S*x Education actress from S*x Education performer made her theatrical debut in 2010.

Guardian theatre author Michael Billington praised the narrative for being one of the best examples of public education He has seen.

Keene portrays the 10-year-old Janey, the funny young girl, and Ruby-lite yet shrewd bully. About her character, Billington wrote:

Mimi Keene as Janey and Ciara Southwood as Mimi, with the supervision of Annette Badland as a perceptive teacher, are awe-inspiringly excellent.

As Keene made her way through the ranks of the British soap drama, EastEnders Keene gained more fame in the media spotlight. She played Cindy Williams, the character introduced on the show in 1998. The character has been played by four actresses in the span of 17 years.

The most popular storyline about the character was her becoming pregnant at 14 and then being accused of involvement in the murder of a child. It wouldn’t be soapy without these stereotypes.

Regarding Netflix‘s S*x Educational, Ruby and Keene might not share certain personality traits. However, they share an identical taste in style when dressing and going out in bizarre locations.

She is known for wearing heels, dress-up, and dresses in inappropriate environments, Keene says of her fashion preferences. She also says that her role as Ruby is always fun. Still, this season has particularly been because some of her outfits are extraordinary.


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