Angela Deem Weight Loss: How She Dropped the Pounds

The 90-Day Fiance star has stunned her fans after dropping a significant quantity of pounds. It was jaw-dropping when she posted her latest image on Instagram. Deem appeared thinner than she was compared to her former version of herself.

Angela faced many questions when she shared her photo with a new look. People wanted to know: how she achieved that look and what was the reason she shed weight. Another thing that impressed her followers was that Deem not only appeared slimmer, but she also looked much younger.

There were even suggestions that she’s had facial surgery. But, there was nothing similar to this. Deem appeared younger because she had lost pounds. Here’s what you need to know about Angela Deem weight loss journey.

Angela Deem Weight Loss Journey

Angela’s journey to lose weight began with her decision to remove the extra unhealthy weight. Deem has been struggling with weight gain for quite a while. She tried numerous strategies to lose weight, but none seemed practical.

After consulting her doctor, Angela finally decided to undergo weight reduction surgery. She told her husband of her, Michael, regarding her choices. But Michael disagreed. Michael was adamant, “No, doing all these artificial things. I’m not a fan”.

In an interview with Shaun Robinson, Angela shared the method she used to convince her husband to change his mind. “After three months, I’ll lose around a hundred pounds. All of my reconstruction will take place and my skin procedure. I’m going to have everything accomplished,” said Deem.

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Angela underwent gastric sleeve surgery. It’s a surgery where the surgeon constructs an elongated sleeve by attaching the stomach vertically before eliminating the more significant curving portion in the stomach. This way, the patient undergoing surgery is less hungry and stays slimmer.

This type of procedure has adverse side effects. However, Deem has decided to get rid of the weight one-for-all. Since March of 2020, following having undergone the process, Deem has maintained a very slim and healthy body.

Angela Deem Weight Loss: Diet Plan

After having the procedure, Deem has worked on her diet, too. Deem has removed all types of foods that contain fat. Instead of that, she eats protein-rich organic foods. She has cut out food products, including even the most miniature sugar.

Angela Deem Weight Loss: Antioxidants

Deem continues to share antioxidants through her Instagram and claims they’ve been helpful to her. Recently, Deem posted Weight loss Gummies. ” Gummies are not only delicious but also loaded with antioxidants that aid in cleansing,” Angela wrote in the caption.

This is why Deem is sometimes criticized also. But she doesn’t dislike it because she continues to share the information.

Angela Deem Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Angela Deem Weight Loss Before And After

Angela’s current weight is 190 pounds compared to her former weight, which was 280 pounds. Deem has shed about 90 pounds in the process.

Angela’s Commentary On Her Weight Loss

Deem stated her reasons for undergoing the procedure: “There are many benefits to performing it. I went through it for myself as well as for my grandchildren. It helps to be with them for a longer period. I did it to honor Michael. I did it for him to be alive and be with my beloved ones”.

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The Final Words

In light of the recent increase in obesity, there are a lot of people who are opting to undergo weight reduction surgery. Indeed, this isn’t a wise choice. Surgery is undoubtedly effective. However, it can bring a host of other issues. Surgery is only a solution when it is imperative to lose weight, and there is no way to tell if it is effective.


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