Questlove, the American musician writer, author, and film director, has completed fitness challenges. The real name of his character is Ahmir Khalib Thompson. As a result of the pandemic, Amir took a lot of time to concentrate on his health, and several things altered. Questlove dropped more than 180 pounds during the process. How did he manage it? Let us find out.

Questlove Weight Loss Journey

Questlove was busy with his profession, doing a variety of things. He loves doing it. As a young man, he was not concerned about his health. He was eating anything he could get his hands on. After a while, a few of his friends passed away from strokes. Then he realized that he had to take action to improve his health to avoid becoming just like his peers.

Questlove was a lazy person and did not like exercising. However, when he lost friends, it hit him brutally, and his attitude altered. He was more mindful of his health and what he was eating.

He then began to get assistance from the training and nutrition coaches. They were enormous assistance to him.

Questlove Weight Loss: Diet Plan

His nutritionist assisted him in creating a more balanced and healthy diet that includes lots of green veggies, seafood, and juice from beets. They’ve eliminated all dairy, gluten, and wheat products. He altered his diet following weight loss. Don’t get me wrong. He’s in no way drinking or eating dangerous stuff. He is, however, somewhat flexible with his eating habits.

Questlove Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Questlove was coached by his personal trainer, which was extremely helpful. He won’t have a reason to not exercise. The trainer ensures that he works out regularly and meets his goals. Questlove’s aim was to lower his weight by 200 pounds.

Is Questlove Diabetic?

There’s no need to worry; Questlove doesn’t have any health issues at the moment. He’s completely healthy and is living a healthy lifestyle.

Is Questlove Vegan?

After losing some weight, he altered his diet and added only vegan items. His diet may continue to be this way for quite a while.

How Much Does Questlove’s Weight

His weight currently is 300 pounds. He is working to shed more weight.

Questlove Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Questlove Diet And Weight Loss In 2022 Before And After

After putting in lots of hard work and eating healthy food for a long period, Questlove can shed 187 pounds. Before beginning the weight-loss journey, his weight was higher than 480lbs.

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