The Importance of Enzymes in Protein Absorption

Creatine ok .. Arginine ok .. Protein powder ok .. Enzymes it .. wait… what’s this last one?

You don’t think about them when compiling your shopping list, but enzyme products can be a smart choice for muscle growth. In fact, enzymes are known to aid digestion, but research has shown that if enzymes are also added to a bodybuilder’s nutrition program, they play an important role in the healing and regenerative process in high-intensity workouts.


The Importance of Enzymes in Protein Absorption

Enzymes; They act as catalysts in the body. They allow metabolic processes to take place very quickly. Before the proteins and carbohydrates we eat can be used for muscle growth, stocked enzymes must be secreted from the digestive system. There are three types of enzymes that break down food: amylases carbohydrates; lipases break down fats and proteases also proteins. Although these enzymes are naturally stored in our bodies, they can be obtained from some foods and diet products. Bodybuilders and heavy exercisers can use these enzymes to aid the digestive system while processing the calories they need to consume. Enzymes also play an auxiliary role in processing more nutrients so they can be used in muscle growth.

Because bodybuilders are more involved in protein intake than other athletes and athletes, proteases are the type of enzyme that is most important to us. A recent study showed that; When a certain amount of enzyme is added to a whey protein drink, a. Increased the amount of acid. Essentially most of the whey protein was digested and absorbed as enzyme was added to the beverage. This is from whey protein. It means that most of the acids enter the circulation and become suitable for use in muscle building.

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The Importance of Enzymes in Protein Absorption

Proteases more a. It helps the absorption of acid and enzymes by themselves provide absorption into the bloodstream. Research shows that they can be stored in the acidic environment inside the stomach without spoiling. Once proteases enzymes find a place in circulation, they play an important role in muscle development.

Scientists began researching the benefits of proteases in the late 1960s. Proteases were used to help athletes recover from injury. Research has shown that proteases speed up the healing process. In addition, it is believed that it increases the level of substances with anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the production of substances that cause inflammation. An excessive burning sensation can delay muscle recovery as well as reduce muscle growth. It is also possible that proteases also shorten the healing time by increasing amino acid absorption. This provides more usable amino acids for rebuilding damaged muscles and joints.

Considering that Proteases reduce the burning sensation and accelerate the healing process, scientists from Elon University (northern California) wanted to test the effect of proteases on the healing process in extremely heavy training. Male subjects ran downhill for 30 minutes: running downhill in a given time period can lead to significant muscle breakdown and burning. This is almost equivalent to the repetitive strain of lifting weights. Three days after him, the man came to the lab to have his leg strength measured. The result? Re-gathering the strength of the knee ligaments of the subject given the Proteases enzyme; He succeeded to a greater extent than the other subject given a placebo. Since the knee ligaments are most affected by downhill running, it makes sense that proteases enzymes show their best effects on this muscle group. The researchers measured pain and pain with an instrument called a dolorometer, which measures the pressure in the muscles. As expected, those who took the proteases experienced less pain than those who took the placebo. This means the following; The supplements can be used not only for injury recovery, but also for muscle regeneration in extremely heavy workouts.

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The Importance of Enzymes in Protein Absorption

Choose formulas that contain the following enzymes: trypsin, chymotrypsin, pepsin, pancreatic enzymes, bromelain, and papain. Bromelain can also be obtained from fresh pineapple. Papain can also be obtained from fresh papaya. In addition, some supplements containing amylases and lipases also help you digest more carbohydrates and fats.

Manufacturers also sell supplements containing proteases. Look for protein powders with Aminogen on the label; It is a patented blend of Amonegen proteases found in many protein powders.


Taking 200-500mg of proteases before and after a workout helps regulate the burn rate. It increases the absorption of proteins (eg protein shakes) you consume before and after training, allows the muscles to recover faster and reduces the pain and soreness within 1-2 days after training.


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