TikTok’s Snap Weight Loss Diet: EXPLAINED!

If you’re a frequent TikTok user, you’ve probably seen a video or two that talk about the latest viral trends in weight reduction. It promises lots of health benefits for a small, nifty packet that’s simple to drink from the comfort of your bed. Many health and wellness experts are getting involved in the trend, and there are plenty of curious TikTok users eager to test their hands with photos.

What are snaps, and why are TikTok so in love with the latest trend?

We’ll tell you about the snap diet for weight loss.

In The Snap-Craze

“The snap diet for weight loss references Velovita’s nutritional supplements serum packets. There are three which are the most sought-after, the most popular one being called”zlem” or “sleep and thin.” The Zlem snap is a “cutting edge biohacking product that has an array of powerful ingredients” created to achieve “maximum effectiveness in the realm of body rejuvenation, recovery and optimizing.” It also encompasses “healthy and balanced weight loss.”

Velovita’s snaps’ nickname is due to their ease of use: take the packet in a bend and then snap it into your mouth, as TikTok Health and Wellness influential user @thehollylynn claims. Many snap influencers urge users to consume two pills each day, one of which is the Zlem.

With around 58,000 TikTok followers, Thehollylynn has become one of the most well-known snap diet advocates on the platform, with one of her videos on weight loss with over 330,000 viewers. Other famous snap influencers comprise the @sherrybrown04, @shelbikautzsch @shelbikautzsch, and @nikkitempleman, with each good snap will lead to weight loss over time.

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There’s no research on whether or not Velovita’s snaps work. There’s a reason to believe that the truth is more complex than the current trend. TikTok Snaps’ popularity appears to be based on the same logic similar to the most popular diet-related trends: Change one aspect of your lifestyle or buy a specific product, and your ideal weight soon is the next step. The trend is “diet culture,” or a phenomenon in the culture that focuses on perfect living and eating habits to achieve an attractive physical appearance.

The anxiety about weight loss is a part of diet culture that involves “obsessive discussions on calorie limitations and the types of food consumed and exercise expectations and other ways to lose weight,” Choosing Therapy says. While Velovita’s products provide genuine health benefits, The viral marketing model behind the snap influencers of TikTok should be worth an additional look at their obsession with the health benefits of fat loss. Suppose you’ve seen a TikTok snap-style diet video out from nowhere. In that case, it might be because the algorithm of TikTok boosts popular diet-related posts regardless of the content’s health-related credibility.

All of this could lead to shame about body size and create pressure on people to shed weight look “healthy.”

In terms of Velovita itself, it is no surprise that the business operates on a multilevel marketing strategy. The MLM-related blog, Behind the MLM and the Your Affiliate Survey, exposes the problems with the company’s affiliate program and commission structure that seems to be primarily focused on recruiting. The popularity of the viral phenomenon is likely due to the company’s commercial structure.

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It’s reasonable to be skeptical about Velovita because of its marketing materials. One of Velovita’s top products on TikTok bran is a nootropic. Psychology Today cautions that there’s “no warranty” that any nootropic can “supercharge your mind” upon first use regardless of the “tremendous potential for nootropic use.” If Velovita’s nutritional supplements are effective, however, there’s a reason to think that its supplements may be more effective for some people than others. Something absent from videos from TikTok snap-lovers.

Snaps’ ability to assist users is a pending question, but doubt is reasonable. Don’t be fooled by snaps as the panacea for your health issues just because a well-known TikTok influencer consumed a serum in the middle of the tune of the moment.


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