Powerful 20-Minutes Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout At Home

FitGAG Readers, what’s up? We will do a HIIT cardio exercise that burns fat using your body weight. This home workout will burn fat and reduce calories in just 20 minutes.

This fat-burning HIIT workout is easy to do from anywhere. Let’s go, FitGAG Readers!

Total Length 20 Minutes

Intensity High

Equipment No equipment required

Experience Level


Perform this exercise once.


Perform this workout twice. After the workout, take a break for 5-6 minutes and then start over.


Perform this workout twice. After the workout, take a break for 3-4 minutes and then start over.

20-Minutes Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout At Home

Each of the following exercises should be performed for 45 seconds. After that, you can take 15 seconds to rest before moving on to the next one. If you need to rest, take a break and then get back to work. Try to do more reps every time, and work harder during your work interval.

Completing the exercises in a circular format is recommended. You will need to go through each exercise, then return to the first one. Then you’ll have to repeat the process in the same order. There will be 4 rounds in total.

#1 Jumping Jacks


  • Stand straight, with your legs and your hands on your hips.
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  1. Bend your knees slightly and extend your arms and legs out to the sides.
  2. To ensure you have a full range of motion, your arms should be extended. Your feet should be slightly wider than your shoulders.
  3. Return to your starting position, and then repeat the process!

#2 Ski Jumps


  • Stand in a stable position.


  1. Jump side-to-side at a fast pace. Your arms may be used to generate momentum. Keep your core engaged and on your toes!

#3 Power Skips


  • Stand in a stable position.


  1. Stand on your right foot, lift your left knee up and punch your right arm upwards.
  2. Now, place your right foot back on the ground and push off with your left foot on the floor.
  3. Keep alternating between landing on your heels and the balls of your feet.

#4 Plank Jacks


  • Start in a high plank position, with your hands on the floor. Your body should be straight.


  1. Step out wide and jump your feet, as you would in a jumping jack. Then, bring your feet back together. Keep your core tight, and continue to breathe!

#5 Power Push Up


  • Start by doing a standard push-up, keeping your back straight and your hands under your shoulders.


  1. Push upwards and then jump forward to touch your toes.
  2. Next, jump immediately back into the push-up position. Repeat this motion.


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