20+ Best Hanging Abs Exercises To Strenghen The Core

We’re all familiar with the crunch as an ab workout; however, you can strengthen your midline not by lifting your body but by lifting the legs. This is when you’ll need to find out what your top hanging ab exercises are.

So, before you get started exercising with unrealistic expectations, you must know this: although hanging abs exercises may help you build the ab muscles, these exercises don’t be visible until your body fat is lower than a certain percentage which you can achieve by consuming a balanced diet.

When you alter your diet with time, abs exercises will help improve the size and strength of the abs.

45 Of The Best Hanging Abs Exercises For You

  1. The Hanging Knee Raise is 90 degrees
  2. Fully raise your hanging knee.
  3. The Hanging Knee Raise can be done from 90 degrees
  4. The Hanging Knee Raise Full is accompanied by L Eccentric
  5. The Hanging Leg is Raised to 90 degrees
  6. The Hanging Leg Raise is Full
  7. Hanging Leg Raise From 90 degrees
  8. Around the World Tucked
  9. Around the World Full
  10. Hanging L-Scissors
  11. Hanging Tuck Rotation
  12. Hanging L Rotations
  13. Hold the Hanging Knee to 90 degrees
  14. Hanging L Hold at 90 Degrees
  15. Hanging V Hold
  16. L Lever Hold
  17. Tuck Windshield Wiper
  18. Full Windshield Wiper
  19. The hanging knee is diagonal and can be raised
  20. A Diagonal Hanging Leg Raised
  21. L-Lever to Hang inverted
  22. Hanging L to Hang Inverted
  23. Hanging Tuck Oblique Crunch
  24. Hanging Full Oblique Crunch
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Take A Look At The Best Abs-Hanging Exercises

Hanging Knee Raise

Hanging Knee Raises are a bodyweight exercise suspended from the ceiling that targets both the grip and core muscles.

They require bringing the body’s lower part downwards by using leg muscles in a relaxed, tucked position and offer a powerful stimulus to the midline.

The L Sit

The L sit is an isometric exercise that will energize the entire body while focusing on your core. While it’s not a lot of fun to see, it’s certainly not an easy task to perform.

As a more advanced exercise, This bodyweight workout will improve your overall strength without the requirement to use gym equipment.

You’ll feel the burn on your core and be closer to achieving a uni-pack if you don’t already.

Bar With Strict Toes

“The strict toes-to-bar is an essential part of the training programs for many gymnasts. While it is not a particularly technical move, it requires the trunk to be flexible, strong and controlled. The bar should be pushed into with straight arms, which lets you utilize the strength of your upper body to aid in raising the legs. Keep the legs straight and as straight as you can. Flexibility will be the key.”


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