Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven’t Heard Before

Growth hormone is a protein chain consisting of 191 amino acids. In order to achieve the full effect of growth hormone, the usage process and dosage are important.

The main benefit of growth hormone is to increase the production of IGF-1 in the body. As a general thought, in the researches made to build bigger muscles in detail, lean and in terms of measure, which have made the external appearance of the most popular bodybuilders and competitors since the 1950s; Many supplements, both natural and medicinally produced, have been used.

What is it and What Does it Do?

Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard Before

In the early 60’s, after unprecedented muscle growth achieved thanks to anabolic steroids, bodybuilding competitors found an important factor that would take them a few steps further in physical excellence and never go back to the past.

With the start of a new era of competitive sporting activities in the 1970s, a compound was found that pushed the limits of champions: Growth Hormone (GH – Growth Hormone)

Growth hormone, which is important for human health as a hormone and is found in all humans, is necessary for many body functions such as physiological development and tissue development, especially muscles. In general, this “functions within acceptable and normal parameters and results in growth”. And also; Too little or too much growth hormone can cause serious health problems.

Growth hormone that occurs in physical disorders; can cause problems such as insulin resistance and muscle fatigue, as well as overdevelopment of tissues.

GH (growth hormone), which can hide the tumor in childhood, can also result in excessive growth hormone secretion and, as a result, gigantism. For example; A 12-year-old boy with a height of 1.90m and a height of 2.23m later died because of this situation.

There may be problems arising from excessive growth hormone production, as well as problems arising from being produced too little. Genetic conditions and congenital defects can occur with growth hormone deficiency and may cause a deficiency in children’s growth. Although rare, growth hormone deficiency (GHD) can cause a decrease in muscle mass, quality of life, and energy in adults.

In both cases, growth hormone supplementation, which has been studied in detail, repairs irregular functions caused by growth hormone deficiency. In this context, we will generally focus on decreasing fat ratio, developing lean muscle tissue, strengthening bone structure, enhancing lipid appearance, reducing risk factors related to the heart, and improving mental health. Bodybuilders realized that if growth hormone had been included in their diet much earlier, they could have much bigger and lean muscles. This was the case for all growth hormone users.

Competitors in the 70s and especially the 80s began to develop sculptor-like muscles that resemble an angular rock with deep scars. As a logical explanation, these athletes did not add any additional cardio to their programs and were getting more lean protein.

Since growth hormone is the major worldwide source for bodybuilders, it has attracted a lot of attention; some thought it was not that effective, and others thought it was extremely dangerous.

And also; Those who use growth hormone know how effective it can be. In fact, growth hormone, originally known as a super product in bodybuilding, has remained an unsolved mystery that later drew many criticisms.

Ali Amini examined the use of growth hormone years ago and told how effective it was in gaining muscle and reducing fat ratio; and also achieved almost the same effect in all users.

Additional Information: Ali Amini is among the Middle East’s most successful competition coaches. He is the nutritionist and trainer of hundreds of bodybuilding champions. Amini is a landmark in sports science and athletics.

Ali Amini says, “Growth hormone is a protein chain consisting of 191 amino acids with a molecular weight of approximately 22 kDa (kilo daltons)”. Growth hormone enters the bloodstream through the somatotrope cells in the pituitary glands. First, a sample was taken from the human pituitary gland, but then biosynthetic Growth hormone was found in 1985.

What are the wide uses of growth hormone and how is its application in sports activities?

Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard Before

Ali says that “growth hormone is used in sports to burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, reduce repair time, strengthen ligaments and joints and heal damaged tissues.” Almost all bodybuilders use Growth hormone maximally; Especially when we look at the 90s, it is more common nowadays that it is easier to find today. However, most athletes; do not think this is necessary during the competition preparation process or during the normal training process. It can be quite helpful if taken in the right amount and time for the program or type of cycle, but this is not the most important point for the entire program.

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Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard BeforeAli; “Many people think of growth hormone as a magic drug, but most of these people do not take GH at maximum effect,” they say. GH cannot contribute 50% to your development, and the rate it will contribute is not even close to this rate. If you gain a 15% gain by adding GH to your cycle, we can say that you are lucky and genetically special.
In line with Ali’s research, Growth hormone; is not a magic drug that will bring great success in bodybuilding. Well, what physical effects will occur if a bodybuilder only uses growth hormone without including anabolic steroids in his program?
Ali; says there will be “a very small increase in muscle gain and a slight decrease in fat reduction”, but this is controversial. Growth hormone alone is not a potent anabolic steroid and, like testosterone, it does not have sustained stamina in its effect or greatly increase stamina like other anabolic drugs.

Growth hormone does not increase potency at a noticeable rate like other Anabolic drugs

However, although Growth hormone is not a miraculous drug, it can be quite useful for bodybuilders when used at the optimal dosage. Undoubtedly, if used by all professional bodybuilders, it would have a higher recommendation.
“I know smart bodybuilders will never use 8IU (international units) a day, but I’ve heard that in some cases, others use 24IU a day, and moreover, those who use 24IU a day are unprofessional and even less than 150lbs.” Using this amount of dose results in body water retention and thus bloating.
So what exactly is the optimal dose of growth hormone at which a person can see the effect? Ali; Time and dose are very important to see the full effect of growth hormone. It doesn’t even need to be mentioned; The process in which growth hormone is taken and the stability are much more important than the total amount. “A 50-day intake of 200IU (as 4IU per day) is more effective than the same 200IU (8 IU per day) intake over a 25-day period,” says Ali.
As Ali has stated, growth hormone can be used effectively with anabolic steroids. It is known to work but how?

How exactly does Growth Hormone work and what are its positive effects?

Growth hormone converts calories in food into protein synthesis and decomposes fat synthesis, as demonstrated by animal tests. Growth hormone is as powerful as testosterone in stimulating protein synthesis. People with growth hormone deficiency are cited as evidence showing the importance of GH in construction, however; Humans need growth hormone as much as necessary. So, what is Ali’s opinion about GH deficiency?

“Adults with growth hormone deficiency experience a decrease in lean body mass, especially abdominal fat, and an increase in fat mass. Using more GH, more muscle and less fat are synthesized! ”
How long does growth hormone maintain its anabolic effect? Ali; growth hormone maintains vitality for 15-20 minutes after being taken orally or intravenously. Thereafter, growth hormone circulating in the blood peaks 1 or 3 hours after intravenous intake.

When the most appropriate dose of Growth Hormone and its potential return has been determined, when can it be used at the most appropriate time?

Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard Before

Growth hormone converts the calories in food into protein synthesis and decomposes fat synthesis.

Ali; says that many theories and guesses have been made about the best way to use growth hormone. However, learning how growth hormone is produced in the body, how it interacts with hormones, and in which situations it transforms to IGF-1 best will be a factor in determining the best way.
IGF-1 production is regulated by factors such as thyroid status and nutrition rather than growth hormone. However, when growth hormone is used, it activates the growth factor and IGF-1, which is known as the best-known result, is formed. Ali; says that IGF-1 is a 70 amino acid hormone chain, shown as the strongest derivative. Growth hormone works counterproductively with insulin; as insulin decreases, growth hormone allows more pituitary glands to be secreted, thus creating a more suitable environment in which growth hormone can work.

Some speculation suggests that growth hormone can be taken at any time because it thinks it is secreted by the pituitary and not taken externally. However, the body produces growth hormones in such situations because the best time for it is to function and reach its maximum potential.

When Is the Best Time to Use the growth hormone 4GH?

  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Evening
  • Night

Whenever I remember that I should buy
It is best to use growth hormone after training when insulin levels are low (based on blood sugar). If GH is used together with insulin, it should be taken immediately after training, otherwise, you can be taken under the control of insulin within 30-40 minutes.

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It is well-known that competitors in bodybuilding take growth hormone twice daily. Timing is essential in this business.

So when should another dose be taken if it is the best time after training? 

Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard Before

The second dose can be taken just before going to sleep, or it can be used when bodybuilders watch a low-carbohydrate diet while preparing for a show, i.e. when blood sugar is low. In addition, growth hormone during sleep for example; is also a good solution to take it as soon as we wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom.

There might be a better way to take it between sleep. A dose of 3 or 4 IU should be taken after training.


How much should these two doses be?

Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard BeforeAli; says that the most important benefit of GH is to contribute to the production of IGF-1 by the liver. In this case, it is important to know how much GH capacity the liver has in order to obtain maximum results from GH. The liver can work with 3 or 4 IU of GH simultaneously, and it can do this twice daily with a 5 to 6-hour gap. Therefore, the best dose is 6 or 8 IU daily divided into two doses, and the best dose is 5 to 7 hours apart. For example; One dose (3 or 4 IU) can be taken after training and the other dose (3 or 4 IU) can be taken before going to sleep or waking up at night.

There is an appropriate dose of use with other anabolic drugs, but it has not been clearly documented what may occur with too little or too much GH. Ali also agreed; What kind of effects can be encountered if a dose of less than 6 or 8 IU is recommended for a day? For example; What effects can be seen if a bodybuilder takes 2 IU?
According to Ali’s advice; The maximum use of GH to achieve the maximum effect is related to the body’s capacity. However, taking a small amount will undoubtedly work, and improvement will be noticeable if not completely. Another controversial issue; What consequences can occur if the same person takes more than the recommended amount? For example; What can happen if 20 – 25 IU is taken?
Ali; says that there will not be a big change. If the body is not struggling with any disease, there will be some water retention in the body. However, learning how GH works in the body and how the body uses GH will make it clearer how, when and how much you should take.
Undoubtedly; Extending the use of growth hormone over a longer period will result in more improvements, but since these products are not legally approved for use, the cost will also be higher. As has been said, like any other drug, growth hormone can pose many dangers if used irresponsibly. So how can growth hormone be used in conjunction with other anabolic drugs that can pose health concerns?
Ali; Because anabolic steroids are overused, the side effects of some may be harsher than others. While 17 AAC (as one of the most powerful steroids ever produced) causes little problem when overused, insulin, trenbolone, and diuretics can be more dangerous when overused. After using growth hormone, you do not need a special repair drug because the body does not produce a toxin from growth hormone.


Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard BeforeAs Ali mentioned, unlike the pancreas, insulin stores nutrients from various body tissues. However, when taken artificially for bodybuilding, it can be extremely dangerous. In addition, it is known that insulin and GH do not affect each other positively in gaining lean muscle.

So what is the secret of this business?

Ali; By adding insulin to your body, a serious drop in GH and thyroid hormone levels is seen. This is about how the human body works. Therefore, you may need to increase these two hormones mentioned above in your body in order to minimize the side effects of insulin and compensate for the deficiencies in the body.
Naturally, the best production of GH is when insulin levels are low, and biologically the best time for GH to be produced and work. So how do bodybuilders using GH solve this dilemma?
Ali said that he somehow solved it; He recommends not taking insulin and GH together, but at the same time. Depending on your insulin level – we won’t go into details here because this is a discussion about GH – GH should be taken when insulin levels are low. I am in favor of such a solution as the body works this way, and all we can do is try to learn more about this situation and act accordingly. You might say that the body does this because of a lack of GH and insulin from an external source, but why risk this benefit and improvement since there is no study to prove this?
Ali: My first recommendation is what the body requires. As I said, to reach the ASAP system, insulin should be taken immediately after GH training and 30 – 40 minutes after that.

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GH can be taken in various ways, but what is the most effective method? What do professionals do?

Details About Growth Hormone That You Haven't Heard Before

Ali; The most appropriate method is vascular access, which has been used for years, and this method is also used for new babies born with low height and weight and people with GH deficiency. However, the use of GH in sports is different. The user is not patient, he wants to see the use and development of GH in the body as soon as possible.


It is thought that more GH will be required for larger competitors. This is another matter.

Ali; “The size and weight of the athlete is not an important factor here, because everything depends on the liver’s use of GH and production of IGF-1,” he says. Although some athletes take 24 IU of GH per day, the body/liver cannot use this amount, so they use GH irregularly and unwanted side effects may occur.

As is known, all drugs have side effects. Other than known, what kind of unknown side effects can GH have? Could it result in death, as some think?
Ali says that no GH deaths have been recorded or reported. However, GH can worsen cancer cells due to its anabolic effect and its effect on cells. This can lead to serious side effects. The primary effects that will be noticed in long-term use of GH are the growth of the chin and nose.
Despite much speculation, no study has been conducted to show evidence that GH causes cancer. The truth is that The cause of cancer is still unclear today. Therefore, neither GHs nor anabolic steroids are carcinogenic unless the person has cancer before using such drugs. However, anabolic drugs can worsen the situation in some types of cancer.


As Ali stated before, the most well-known method of using GH is the intramuscular method. Because it helps IGF-1 to be secreted quickly and as a result, development is faster. Why is this method the best? Why can’t it be taken by mouth like anabolic pills?

According to Ali, GH is a protein hormone and as a result, it must be taken by injection for complete digestion. Thus, GH must be taken by injection to fulfill its full function.
In this case, can GH be observed in a drug test?
Ali; The liver and kidneys evaluate the GH complex and perceive it as a purely simple amino acid. In addition, very small amounts of GH can be found in urine. The oral intake of GH can be more easily noticed in urine tests, but not in doping tests.


In line with the research in the field of bodybuilding, bodybuilders try to obtain the muscle development provided by a natural growth hormone from artificial growth hormones. But is it as effective as believed?
It is the only real rock-hard muscle and muscle size for bodybuilders who use it. However, according to Ali, growth hormone is not a miraculous drug and is not as effective as steroids in gaining lean muscle mass.
In addition, the competition for bodybuilding products today is quite high and the products seem quite effective in building muscle. So is growth hormone use good or bad?

There are many ideas for effectiveness. Those who think growth hormone is necessary, such as Ali, should expect rigorous training and good nutrition first and the final touch from growth hormone.
In terms of health, no deaths have been recorded from growth hormone use, or this hormone cannot be considered as dangerous as insulin and diuretics.

With its high cost, side effects, and controversial aspects, is growth hormone worth this much expense and time? As bodybuilding continues, a definitive answer will soon be achieved with the help of athletes and various chemicals.


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