KC Joy Plastic Surgery: Before & After Photos Revealed

KC Joy spent $10,000 on cosmetic surgery to make his eyes appear younger. The Worst Roommate ever to be killed is on Netflix; Kwang Chol Joy also had an eagle tattooed on his arm after his roommate Maribel Ramos advised him that a tattoo would look great. Many viewers are curious about K.C. Joy before and following plastic surgery. Others want to know more about the current situation.

The Worst Roommate Ever isn’t an ironically-titled sitcom about having annoying but friendly roommates. It’s a new Netflix documentary that dives into a dark side with real-life crime stories where the victim’s roommate becomes the criminal.

The show tells the terrifying tale that follows a serial murderer’s grandmother as well as a maniacal murderer and a charming conman. The streaming company released the show on the 1st of March.

Let’s talk about the murderer obsessed with a fascination that had plastic surgery and the motive behind having cosmetic changes.

The $10,000 KC Joy Spent On Plastic Surgery: How Did He Look Before And After Surgery?

Imagine a brutal murderer who is a part of society as a normal human. Now imagine that he’s been de-identified and exposed for what the truth is. Now, because you’re fascinated by authentic crime stories, and all are exposed, You can search for any information you’d like to learn about the murderer.

What are you looking for? His childhood, his lifestyle and his routines, his thinking process, and what is the reasons behind it come to your mind.

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What I didn’t think I’d find in the case of psychopaths and murderers is their plastic surgeries because murderers focus on killing, not their looks. Yet here we are with the murderer Kwang Chol “KC” Joy, who had plastic surgery, which could be used to prove his disease.

What was the reason behind the murderer undergoing plastic surgery? Was it to kill him and then re-create a new face so that he doesn’t get found out, or is the motive for the plastic surgery just typical for a person?

Kwang Chol, also known as KC Joy, is a Korean single professional man who owns an overweight dog of 10 pounds. Yorkie, who likes keeping things tidy, is friendly and can be found with everyone. According to a Craigslist advertisement that he placed to find a roommate.

In the end, he discovers an individual ready to take a space with him, a 36-year-old college student and veteran of the army Maribel Ramos. For Maribel Ramos, KC Joy is probably just a harmless 55-year-old (under being old) man who is a trustworthy roommate. Anyone who has heard of their story would like to be.

At first, they can get along well. Ramos’ sister Lucero “Lucy” Gonzalez is a fan of his roommate status as her sister. However, nothing lasts forever; KC Joy being a pleasure as a roommate will not last for long.

After a while and a few months, he began showing flaws in his appearance. The experience of living with a woman could have instilled in his head that a male and woman cannot be simply friends, even though the person in question is more than 20 years old woman’s age and she isn’t interested in him.

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KC Joy begins to grow obsessed with Ramos. She even talks to Lucy and expresses the desire to marry Ramos and have children with her.

Lucy is worried about his actions. She warns her younger sister of his behavior. She also warns her sister. However, Ramos isn’t paying attention to the warning, instead requesting Lucy to relax.

At this moment, Ramos probably knows how Joy feels about her, but she’s not yet determined his fervor for her. He is likely irritating, but he is extremely sensitive, loving, and loving to be regarded as an actual threat.

But his obsession with her escalates gradually as he begins to take her words too seriously. Ramos once informs him that Joy could look great by having a tattoo. He does it and has the tiger’s massive image tattooed onto his arm.

As for the cosmetic procedure, KC Joy is willing to pay $1000 to get it. He has a procedure to help his eyes appear younger. Yes, a psychotic with a little internalized racism eyes are the cause, but it’s not because of her eyes that she’s keeping from you. In the end, plastic surgery won’t make a difference because her feelings towards the man aren’t changing because of the change in his eyes.

It’s a shame that KC Joy couldn’t get a procedure to make him disappear from her existence when the rent is not paid after she confronts him. Instead, the demon unleashes his evil form for the first time. Ramos is frightened at the hands of KC Joy.

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It upsets her when she contacts the police to inquire about it. She declares that if anything does happen, the reason will be that she is self-defending.

After two weeks, she’s missing. Within two weeks, she is found dead within a canyon in the distance, which they discover by monitoring his computer activities at the library in the area. All of this happens within just a few months of 2013.

KC Joy gets sentenced to 15 years or a lifetime in jail on the 29th of July, 2014. He is currently at Soledad, California, at Correctional Training Facility.


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