The Ultimate Guide to Balancing Motherhood and a Career

Having a career may seem like an impossible task for many mothers since childcare is an expensive and nerve-wracking prospect. However, there are plenty of remote job opportunities for everyone, including mothers. For instance, dozens of companies consider mothers on maternity leaves for their open positions. You can find the best openings on Jooble or other job posting sites. 

What Is A Remote Job?

A remote job isn’t dissimilar to a traditional job, the only difference is rather than commuting to the office employees work from home. Most tasks are completed on a computer. Communication between employees takes place online with programs such as Zoom or Skype.

Remote jobs are perfect for mothers, allowing them to stay around their families. They can also be economically beneficial as mothers working from home may not need a full-time childminder.

Many remote jobs can be found on the dedicated job pages of different platforms. Email notifications can be set up easily and send updates when any jobs meet an employee’s requirements, including role type and salary expectations.

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What Remote Working Opportunities Are There?

Career And Motherhood

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has emerged and thrived, providing jobs for industries of all types. However, some career paths are more lucrative than others. 


Developments in technology and the emergence of remote working have also exacerbated the importance of Cybersecurity. Many companies, including Fortune 500 businesses now employ remote workers and store sensitive information online. This has led to online hackers, who try to steal companies’ data for profit.

Cybersecurity professionals can provide protection or response services to help companies keep their data safe or retrieve stolen data.


Freelancing is a versatile and exciting career path. Freelancing isn’t one set role, and previous experience can become a lucrative career. For example, people with writing experience can provide content for websites in articles, scripts for YouTube, or product descriptions for e-commerce. Freelancing ideas can also include, graphic design, content creation, virtual assistants, and website design.

In addition to the versatility of roles available with freelancing, this remote opportunity does not require working for one brand or company. This means that multiple clients can be hired, and it can act as a scalable business. This opportunity is also perfect for mothers as hours are flexible and time can be managed by the individual freelancing, allowing more time to spend with the family

Social Media Management

There is no shortage of opportunities within social media and social media management is a lucrative option. With social media management, employees can work for one large corporation running the day-to-day operations or with multiple clients through their own management company.

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There are a few different ways of providing social media management as an independent business. The business can provide the day-to-day running of the account, implementing a social media strategy and creating content, or more hands of approach can be taken with the business by providing an audit, social media strategy, and returning to the client to gain insights and updates that can be used to improve accounts.

Social media management is a great option for mothers, especially entrepreneurs as they can manage their own time, developing a cliental that fits their time and needs. This allows mothers to spend more time with family

Virtual Assistant

Remote Jobs For Mothers

As the world of E-commerce has grown, so have virtual assistants. Virtual assistants complete various tasks, including administrative, creative, and technical support. Virtual assistants are usually self-employed and similarly to freelancers work with a large clientele base.

Roles for virtual assistants can include, scheduling appointments, email management, and phone call making. This is another versatile role that can appeal to mothers, with flexible hours and the chance to reduce or increase clientele to match their needs. This allows more time to spend with family.

How To Find Remote Working Opportunities?

Finding remote working opportunities can be easy, major companies are looking for remote workers all the time, and due to the remote nature of the work jobs in countries across the globe are accessible

Jooble’s remote jobs page is perfect for finding roles of all salaries and industries. Its vacancy market finds remote jobs worldwide, making them easy to apply for.

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Motherhood And Career

Mothers can truly have it all, with the emergence of remote workers and an increase in job roles to fit all experience levels, mothers have the chance to manage home and work life. Remote roles, especially self-employment roles can be catered to needs, reducing and adding hours/client when needed.


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