Sorority Squat: What Exactly Is It And How Can You Do?

Joining a sorority can be a great way to relive the memories of recruitment, throwbacks, and nostalgia.

A common pose for women taking group photos is the “sorority squat.”

It is named after sororities, large groups of women who sometimes have to shoot group photos.

The Sorority Squat pose is for you if you want to show your sisters that you are kind and down-to-earth.

Sorority squat is a key pose in your sorority life.

How To Perform Sorority Squat?

This is a standing position that you hold for a while.

You bend your knees and keep them together.

Squats are more forward-leaning than complete squats.

Sorority sisters will squat when they take a group picture so everyone can see one another.

This is more like a forward lean than a full-squat.

Experts believe this position originated because it allowed many rows of people to fit in a single photo.

Over time, sorority sisters have learned to squat at the sight of a camera regardless of how many people are in the image.

#1 Stretch It Out

What Is Sorority Squat

Do not underestimate the importance of stretching before you do your squat!

I say, “The more awkward the stretching is, the better!”

Make it clear that you are stretching for sorority squat.

It’s a good idea to get another sister to assist you in getting loose so that you can get down.

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It will make your life so much more fun.

In my bathing suit, I’m just casually reaching for the skies!

#2 Bend Forward Slightly At The Waist And At The Knees. Double (Bending), Or Nothing!!

Sorority Squat Photos

Without it, a proper squat wouldn’t exist.

It’s already awkward, so why not go all the way?

#3 Gently Place Your Hands On The Knee Caps

Why Girls Do Sorority Squat

Do not place your weight on your hands, no matter what you do.

These are decorative; the sorority squat is not intended to feel comfortable!

You’ll know you’re doing the sorority squat correctly if your knees hurt, your muscles shake, and your knees start to ache.

#4 You Will Never Feel More At Home!

How To Do Sorority Squat For Better Photos

Ahhhh… Ahhhh…I could squat like that all day!

This is not how I feel.


It’s perfect!

It was possible!

Happy Sorority Squatting!!!!


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