Keep Tabs on Your Boyfriend: iPhone Tracking Made Easy

Monitoring your boyfriend’s movements can come in handy when you’re curious to know where he goes all day long. If you suspect that he’s cheating, tracking the boyfriend’s phone can help you discover where he spends the majority of his time. Looking out for your partner’s well-being is also a loving gesture that proves you truly care about them.

In this article, we will discuss how to track my boyfriend’s phone.

Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Location

Sharing locations has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. You can find location by phone number remotely without people knowing. Let’s discuss some of these pros and cons.

Pros of sharing your location:

  • Safety reasons. Some couples simply want to feel safe wherever they go. Sharing their GPS location allows them to know where their better half is situated at all times.
  • Building trust. Couples who have trust issues can consider sharing their locations to prevent their partners from overthinking. It’s an effective way to foster trust in the relationship.
  • Convenience. Knowing your partner’s real-time location provides you with ample convenience since you don’t need to keep calling or texting them for an ETA.

Cons of sharing your location:

  • It may cause anxiety. If your partner has insecurity issues, sharing your GPS location with them could trigger their anxiety or paranoia. They could even end up mistrusting you.
  • It makes relationships less mysterious. Some relationships thrive in mystery and spontaneity. Sharing locations can remove this vital element from your union, making you feel less attracted to your spouse.
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The Best Solution to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone

You might be wondering: how do I track my boyfriend’s phone through GPS?

Localize.Mobi is remarkable tracking software that is equipped with a highly accurate GPS location tracker. This spy app is by far the most effective way of keeping an eye on your boyfriend.

Localize.Mobi’s phone location tracker allows you to view your boyfriend’s whereabouts on a detailed map. This feature also reveals their exact GPS coordinates and physical address, allowing you to trace their precise location. The route history highlights where they’ve gone over a particular time interval.

Localize.Mobi also comes with an outstanding geofencing feature that makes tracking my boyfriend’s cell phone a walk in the park. Geofencing allows you to set “safe” and “forbidden” zones within the map.

You receive an email notification whenever your boyfriend exits the safe zone or enters the forbidden zone. In addition, you can monitor how often your partner visits each zone on the Localize.Mobi app.

What Else Can You Try?

Apart from using Localize.Mobi, there are two popular methods you can utilize to track your boyfriend’s phone. Let’s discuss them below.

1. Using Apple’s “Find My” app

If your boyfriend uses an iPhone, then you can track their device using the “Find My” app. To start, launch this app (it has a green circle icon with a blue centered dot) on your phone and click on the “People” section. Select the option labeled “Start Sharing Location,” insert your boyfriend’s phone number and click “Send.”

Once you’ve shared your own location, return to the “People” section and click your boyfriend’s name. Next, select “Ask to Follow Location” and hit “OK.” Ensure you have physical access to his iPhone, unlock it, and launch the “Find My” app.

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Click on the “Share” option that’s located just underneath your name on the “People” section. Choose the “Share Indefinitely” option to monitor his live GPS location wherever he goes.

2. Using Android’s Google Maps Location Sharing

Similarly, you can activate location sharing on an Android phone by launching the Google Maps app, sharing your own location with your BF, accessing his phone, and sharing his location with yourself. The process is straightforward – just ensure that you know your boyfriend’s phone unlock passcode before commencing.

Despite their effectiveness, these methods have several disadvantages. For instance, your boyfriend could catch you with his phone and get suspicious.


Learning how to track your boyfriend’s phone can provide vital clues as to whether he is cheating. Localize.Mobi is the best monitoring app for those looking to track their partners’ whereabouts.


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