Steve Howey Weight Loss: Workout Routine & Diet Plan

The well-known actor in the shameless program, Steve Howey, is famous for his stunning physique. But that’s not the way he’s always been. Howey has had several highs and lows in his health. When his previous show, Reba, was over, Steve gave up taking good care of his health.

The result was that the actor gained weight and became overweight. Due to this weight gain, the actress had vertebrae problems. But, he needed to improve his fitness levels before he could be cast in Shameless. Not just to perform in the show but also for his health.

Steve Howey Weight Loss Journey

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles to overcoming weight gain. In an interview with Men’s Health, Howey stated, “Not many of the comedians I admire are in good health. That’s why I used the excuse that it’s fine to be overweight” 1.

As the years went by, Steve began to realize that if you want to live your ideal life, he must shed some weight. In the same conversation, Howey declared, “Who really cares if you’re humorous or otherwise when you’re getting old?”And with that realization, Steve finally started his weight loss journey.

Steve Has A Talent For Fighting Laziness

Steve has learned how to fight procrastination/Laziness. The interviewer Howey, declared, “Whenever I’m not motivated to work out or lift weights, I just get on the treadmill to walk. I’ll walk and listen to songs for 10 mins. After 10 minutes have passed, I ask myself why not continue for another 15 minutes “.

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Which Method Did Steve Lose Weight?

Steve placed the same value on his diet regimen that he did on exercising. Weight loss can be as simple as managing how you consume food and burning fat.

Steve Howey Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Before embarking on the weight loss journey, Steve used to eat a lot of meat daily. He still adores meat and chicken. However, Steve is now aware that if he leads a healthy lifestyle, he must control his daily calories.

Under the guidance of his dear spouse, Sarah Shahi, Steve switched to vegetarian over meat. For dinner and lunch, He now eats green salad. He also has gotten rid of his habit of drinking and cut down on alcohol consumption in addition.

Steve Howey Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Steve is a very hard exercise. When interviewing him, he mentioned, “40 minutes is my warm-up. I train for 3-4 hours a day “.> Steve does every cardio workout for 15 minutes daily every day. It’s no wonder his muscles are massive.

How Is Steve Howey Now?

But it is apparent that as Steve is getting older, the speed of his decline in his exercise routine. At the moment, Howey is 40 years old. However, he appears to be still young and acts the same way he was before.


There’s plenty to learn from Steve’s journey to lose weight. He was overweight and had a spinal injury but refused to abandon the fight. He was determined to fight. I hope that Steve’s tale can help you and encourage you to overcome your own difficulties.

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