Top 10 Cable Exercises For Bigger Arms

If you’ve been lifting weights for a long time, you might have noticed that you don’t need to use only barbells or dumbbells (free heavyweights) to build more extensive and muscular arms. It is also possible to improve your performance by adding the use of cables to your workout routine.

If you’re not sure what you can do with the cables in your gym, This article is for newbies. Below, you’ll find 10 practical exercises using the cable machine for the arms that you could perform to strengthen your muscles. First, you’ll need to warm up.

Renewing Your Muscles And Joints

Mainly, if you exercise very early in the early morning, the muscles are likely to be stiff.

It is essential to warm up properly before the activities you’ll be performing. Following the same eating, the schedule is two critical aspects that athletes often neglect when establishing a new routine.

It might seem like a waste of energy and time to devote the majority of your triceps cable workout simply warming up. Still, you’ll realize the value of the effort when you think about how it can help protect you from injuries. Do not begin exercising in a way outside the motion range of the muscles you are training.

There’s an even bench in many gyms that is a great place to do simple warm-up exercises before and after your exercise. The step on the other side of the bench could be used to help get your arms and upper body ready for work. Additionally, the bench can perform a modified plank by placing your arms on the bench and maintaining a plank posture.

Planks can be a great way to build muscles in your abdominal muscles without placing too much stress on your lower back.

Cable Exercises For Arms

Cable Exercises For Armes

There are many ways you can utilize this machine for giving your arms a workout. Here are just a few of these to consider.

#1 Cable Rope Curls

Suppose you’re seeking a simple cable machine for Bicep exercises. In that case, cable rope curls can be an excellent method. They are similar to dumbbell hammer curly curls. However, they apply more significant stress on muscles throughout the exercise. This causes muscles to become fatigued faster, leading to hypertrophy and strength gains.

To complete this exercise, begin by attaching a rope on the device located at an angle that is the lowest point. Hold an end with both hands with palms facing one another and your elbows positioned close to your body.

Then to follow this order of actions:

  • Inhale profoundly and brace your core.
  • When you exhale, take a step back, bend your elbows, and then curl the rope until it is positioned towards your torso.
  • Make sure you keep your wrists straight when you curl your rope.
  • Make sure to squeeze your biceps when your elbows are fully bent.
  • Inhale and slowly lower your rope attachment with all the motion until you reach the beginning position.

#2 Cable Tricep Extensions

Cable tricep extensions are an excellent exercise to add to your exercise routine with the cable. To perform this exercise, you will need to use a rope attachment. However, you’ll need to alter the machine’s settings to place the rope at its most high point. Grasp both ends of the rope attachment in both hands, and change your position to face toward the apparatus. Take a split stance and place the rope attachment above your head, keeping the elbows bent to feel the stretching sensation through your chest.

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Then to follow this order of instructions:

  • Breathe in, and then brace your core.
  • As you exhale while exhaling, straighten your elbows and draw the ends of the ropes forward.
  • Make sure you keep the wrists in a straight line.
  • Make sure you squeeze your triceps until your elbows are fully extended.
  • Inhale slowly and bend your elbows until you return to the starting position with the full range of motion until you are back in the starting position.

#3 Rope Curl Hammer

This workout requires only a single pulley cable with an attachment for ropes to build your biceps and your forearms.

Make yourself in an upright position, and then go through the following steps:

  • Make sure the machine is set to the pulley set at low.
  • Make sure you are facing the machine.
  • Make sure to hold the rope handle so that your palms face one another.
  • From a position of starting with arms extended, pull the rope to the chest.
  • Lower and repeat the whole movement.
  • Maintain your straight back, and do not swing the rope as you pull the rope upwards.

#4 Single-Arm Cable Curls

When you’re doing an arm exercise with a cable machine, there are a variety of single-arm exercises to add to address any potential imbalances. Make sure you don’t do a back arch when doing this exercise. Also, don’t use your momentum instead of the muscles you’re trying to strengthen.

To prepare to perform this workout, begin by connecting a handle to the machine and adjusting it until it is at its lowest. Place yourself in front of the machine, gripping the handle with your right hand, with your palm with the palm facing upwards (supinated).

Place your arm on your hip, or let it hang from your side, and then follow the steps below:

  • Inhale deeply, and then brace your body.
  • Relax and bend your elbow and curl the handle toward your chest.
  • Maintain your wrist straight while you bend your elbow.
  • Press your bicep until you have your elbow fully extended.
  • Inhale, slowly straighten your elbow to lower the weight using a full range of motion.
  • Repeat the exercise using both arms.

#5 Straight Bar Tricep Printdowns

This is among the most effective two-arm cable exercises you can do as part of your upper-body exercise. Make sure you don’t do a back arch when performing this exercise. Also, don’t utilize your strength instead of the muscles you’re trying to strengthen.

Begin by hooking straight bar connections to the machine that runs cables, then adjust it to its most apex. Grab the bar with both hands with palms down, elbows bent, and close to your body.

Following this, you must take these actions:

  • Breathe in, and then brace your core.
  • Inhale as you straighten the elbows while pushing the bar towards your hips.
  • Make sure your wrists are straight while pressing the bar down.
  • Make sure to squeeze your triceps as you’ve entirely extended the elbows.
  • Take a deep breath and bend your elbows back to the starting position. You should be able to move your elbows in a full-motion back to your starting position.

#6 Single-Arm Cable Tricep Kickbacks

Another excellent single-arm cable workout can be the tricep kickback. Many people do this workout using just the cable, with no bar or handle attached to it. It’s an option you can try. First, set the cable until it is at the top level on the machine, and then grip the cable using one hand while keeping your elbow bent and then close to your body. Retract your steps to release tension, after which you can bend your knees and move your hips slightly while placing your left arm on your left or right thigh.

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Then, you can follow this sequence of instructions:

  • Inhale profoundly and brace your core.
  • Inhale, then straighten the elbow. Send the hand holding the cable straight downwards and forward.
  • Keep your wrist straight, and press your triceps.
  • Breathe again and bend your elbow to the starting position with all of your emotions until you are back in the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise using the other arm.

#7 Curls For Overhead Cables

This is an excellent method to strengthen your biceps while extending your arms. For this exercise, sit on the machine’s center and grasp a cable with each hand. Don’t arch your back when you’re doing this exercise. Also, don’t use your strength rather than the muscle you are seeking to target. Start by attaching the handles of each cable, and then you can alter the cables too are aligned to your shoulder. You should hold a handle with each hand, keeping your arms straight and your palms in the direction of upwards.

Then proceed with this order of instructions:

  • Breathe in, and then brace your core.
  • Inhale, then bend your elbows and pull the handles toward your shoulders.
  • Maintain your wrists straight and squeeze your biceps while you move your elbows.
  • Take another inhale and straighten your elbows while returning, using all of your movement back to the starting point.

#8 Supine Cable Curls

If you’re looking for ways to be more creative with your bicep curls, then supine cable curls may be the solution. The exercise may appear straightforward since you’re sitting on a bench; however, there’s more involved. To complete this exercise, you need to move the cable towards the lowest point on the machine and sit on the floor in case the bench is used. Attach the straight bar or rope attachment to the cable, and take the attachment in both hands, with your palms facing upwards towards the ceiling.

Then, follow the following steps:

  • Inhale deeply, and then brace your body.
  • Lay back on the bench, keeping your feet down on the flooring.
  • Keep the attachment in place by keeping your arms straight. After that, take another inhale, and then strengthen your core.
  • After exhaling, take a step back, bend your elbows and pull the attachment upwards to your shoulders.
  • Maintain your wrists straight and squeeze your biceps while fully extending your elbows.
  • Take a breath, then raise your elbows until you are back to the starting position. Do this with the full range of motion back towards the beginning position.

#9 Supine Contractor Extensions For Cables

If you’re already lying down to perform the bicep curly, you can also perform tricep extensions supine. This is like a barbell or skull crusher with dumbbells, but it can be done using cables instead. Set up, in the same manner you would do the cable bicep curls. But, you can pull the rope or bar attachment above your head and keep open arms (as would you do the pulldown of lat).

Set both feet flat to the ground, and the following steps will be followed:

  • Inhale deeply and strengthen your core.
  • Bend your elbows and pull the rope or bar attachment back to your head.
  • Inhale and straighten your arms while making sure your wrists are straight.
  • Make sure you squeeze your triceps muscles when the elbow extends fully.
  • Bend your elbows and breathe in slowly as you return all your movement back to your starting point.

#10 Cable Preacher Single-Arm Curls

Another proper cable-arm exercise can be the single-arm preacher curl. For this exercise, you may have to climb over an adjustable bench (set in a sitting position) to sit against. Don’t arch your back when you’re doing this exercise. Also, don’t use your momentum instead of the muscles you are seeking to target. Start by connecting an extension handle onto the cable. Then put it in your left hand, with your palm facing upwards.

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Lean forward in the back of the bench, and then continue to follow this sequence of steps:

  • Breathe in, and then brace your core.
  • Relax your shoulders, bend your elbow and pull the handle upwards towards your shoulder.
  • Make sure to squeeze your bicep once you have your elbow fully bent and ensure that you remain straight with your hand throughout the exercise.
  • Inhale and straighten your elbow while gently lowering the handle back to the ground with all of your motion.

Bar Curls: Lying Straight Bar Curls

The final workout will require a single cable pulley machine with a straight handle to strengthen your biceps, particularly for the most challenging reps. It is essential to complete each rep slowly and carefully, aiming for intense contractions during the peak of each repetition.

When you’re ready to begin by following this series of actions:

  • Make sure the machine is set to the pulley set at low.
  • Get the bar and lay on the floor directly in front of the equipment.
  • From a standing position, with your arms in full extension and resting on your legs, lift the bar to shoulder height.
  • Lower the bar, and continue the exercise using a full range of movement.

Recommended Supplements For Training

Cable Preacher Single-Arm Curls

As well as performing the kinds of exercises mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you may consider taking supplements to achieve the results you desire for your muscles faster. The use of supplements can be a beneficial strategy if they are combined with methods of weightlifting and an individual trainer.

An excellent supplement to add to this type of workout includes The ultimate pump Stack to increase fitness and recuperation. It is a blend of our best pump products. This unique blend of ingredients will increase the production of nitric oxide, blood flow, and muscle endurance.

It has been proven that adhering to an energizing diet high in protein can boost your metabolism and provide more energy to go through your exercise routine. Increased protein consumption can positively affect your metabolism, especially for obese and overweight people who are trying to lose weight. If all else is equal, more protein can be beneficial for lean mass retention and increase fat loss.

It’s Time To Work Those Arms.

As you can see, there are a lot of exercises using cable machines for the arms that you should incorporate into your strength exercise routines. It doesn’t matter whether your primary goal for bodybuilding is to build strength or simply add extra weight. Whatever the case, these workouts are highly efficient. Test a few out to experience the outcomes they could bring.


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