Agent 00 Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Routine

Agent 00 (Din Muktar) is a well-known YouTuber and Gamer. Thanks to NBA 2K gaming, he has won hundreds of thousands of followers. But Agent 00 has successfully lost 100 pounds in the last few days, placing him in the spotlight. The news went viral after Agent 00 posted a video to the channel he runs, his Vlog channel called Agent 00.

The video’s title was How I lost 100lbs. In a year, Eating the way I Wanted. It was quite a shock. Since, yes, losing 100 pounds was sort of cool, however, eating what you want? This is what made his fans bewildered.

When we hear about Agent 00 Weight Loss, it’s difficult to resist the thought of eating the greens in a bowl and sweating hard at the fitness center. We believe the weight loss industry is about, but the truth is far different. We’ll find out the reason that led to Agent 00 weight loss.

How Did Agent 00 Gain Weight?

At some point during his lifetime, the weight of the Agent 00 was over 300 pounds. Agent 00 stated, “I was 332 pounds at my highest.” It begs the question: How can an avid basketball Youtuber end up at 332 pounds?

Here’s the story told in Agent 00’s words “I am a foodie, and I love everything. I think about how I’ll consume food when I don’t have food. Food is so tasty in my opinion. .”

He said, “When I got to Uni, I told myself I was free to eat whatever I wanted. Then things started to get insane. There were a lot of chips every single day. I moved to an east-facing suburb of Toronto, where all the best fast-food establishments existed. They served every food you could imagine, and I was completely in control. Each night I’d have to spend about $30 for food. This is the reason I gained so much weight. .”

There’s always a bad habit that causes a bad result. In the case of Agent 00, the culprit was food. He was at a highly unhealthy point where it was imperative to stop eating a lot of food.

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Agent 00 Weight Loss Journey

As time went by, the condition got more complicated. Agent 00 stated on his Youtube video, “My situation was quite terrible. I was unable even to climb the 20 steps to the top. I was extremely upset about myself”. His YouTube business was put in danger due to him being overweight. He was unable to keep up with his schedule for video production.

Agent 00 said of the situation, “I’ve worked on YouTube since when I was twelve. That’s an awful lot of effort behind my YouTube success. But it was to waste in front of my viewers. The weight issue was an obstacle to my professional career. I had plenty of thoughts in my head, But my weight was a barrier to my success.”

He also said, “Whenever I was overweight, I would play basketball. The game was like therapy for me. However, this time, it didn’t work. After I had ascended to 280, I was unable to leap. It was all painful. I was aware that I would likely be very healthy if I didn’t take my health seriously.” Therefore the weight loss path eventually helped him shed 100 pounds.

How Did The Agent 00 Lose Weight?

Agent 00 explained at the beginning of the video, “I’m not, in any way, saying that you should do this, nor am I an expert in nutrition or a god damn doctor. I’m just sharing what’s done on me.” Agent 00 also described his journey: “The initial thing I needed to accomplish was to manage my unhealthy habits. I began changing the bad habit .”

Agent 00 relocated to Atlanta. It was a significant section of the weight-loss journey. When his place of residence changed, so did his routines. He was able to change his perspective on how he lived in the way he wanted.

Agent 00 Weight Loss: Diet Plan

A balanced diet was vital to Agent 00’s quest to lose weight. His eating habits were terrible. “Binge eating ” was by far my most destructive habit. I would always be on my couch, filthy, and eating a lot. I ended my eating binge habit .” At one time, he was eating 8000 calories a day.

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Initially, he attempted to adhere to the Keto diet, but it didn’t look like it would work for him. Also, Agent 00 was addicted to the food and had difficulty keeping on top of the Keto diet. However, he was introduced to the Carnivore Diet, which appeared to be an appealing idea for Agent 00.

Agent 00 commented, “I was worried about my health and was watching videos about how you can lose fat. I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast in which Jordan Peterson was his guest. It was there that I heard the first thing about Carnivore Diet.”

He defined happiness as “When I first heard concerning”the Carnivore diet, I could not believe it. I was like, “What? Does that mean you don’t have anything to do? Eat meat? Man, this sounds as if I’m in a dream.”I would eat chicken, beef, and turkey. Every day .”

Carnivore Diet is a type of diet that doesn’t allow carbohydrates at all. The only food item permitted within the Carnivore Diet is meat products. You can only eat meat, eggs, fish, and other meat products. You cannot eat fruits, vegetables, grains, or nuts.

It should be evident that there is an appropriate limit on meat consumption. You can’t eat meat all day. This way, it is unlikely that you will do very well.

Agent 00 Weight Loss: Workout Program

It was not easy for Agent 00 regarding his fitness program. Due to Agent 00’s weight (332 pounds), the very notion of working out was a daunting task for Agent 00. However, he needed to make a move to ensure his future. That’s precisely what he did.

“I did not run; I didn’t leap. I simply moved. I walked quite a bit,” Agent 00 said. He added, “I’ve got 3 automobiles, and you can think the amount of difficult for someone to walk if they love driving and who has three automobiles.”

His YouTube popularity has also contributed to his weight gain. Agent 00 stated, “When I started earning money through YouTube and other people sources, I began to outsource my job. However, I realized it was not a great way to live .”

Following this realization, the man began to do his own chores. He would tidy the house by himself. He would walk rather than drive. Agent 00 did not go to any gym; however, working at home using his hands was a big help.

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Agent 00 Weight Loss: Before And After

Agent 00 was able to lose 100 pounds in just one year. Agent 00 went from 332 pounds to 190 pounds. All in a single year.

What Would He Say About Agent 00 Weight Loss Journey To Lose Weight?

He seems very happy with his performance. Agent 00 says, “I’m fast, and I can do anything I like to. I’m not slow or unpalatable like I was in the past”. He also advised his followers to be more patient, saying, “Whenever you feel hungry aside from dinner or lunchtime, It’s not because you are hungry; it’s addiction. Food addiction. If you do not take care of it, the craving will fade away and won’t increase. It will go away .”


Agent 00’s experience of weight loss teaches us that it is possible to lose weight if you’re committed to yourself. He consistently adhered to the Carnivore diet and saw how it worked for the man. I hope that the YouTuber Agent 00’s weight loss can assist you in determining what works best for you.


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