Renee Zellweger Weight Loss Journey [REVEALED]

Renee is famous for her amazing acting. Another reason for her fame and success is that she performs flawlessly and puts all her energy into the character she portrays. Zellweger is an expert in taking on the character she plays.

She takes it to a different level and changes her appearance completely in line with it. Zellweger does not just alter her appearance to fit the persona but also works on her appearance.

This may seem common sense, but it’s actually not. Zellweger has gained and lost weight several times during her career. To perform her role more precisely.

The process of losing weight can be an unimaginable task for many women. However, this is how Renee does live up to the requirements of followers. That’s why she has millions of her fans. In this article, we’ll examine the ups and downs of Zellweger’s weight due to her acting profession.

Renee Zellweger Weight Gain: The Diary Of Bridget Jones

In 2001, the then 31 years old Zellweger was selected to play the lead role for the film of the same name Bridget Jones’ Diary. Zellweger had to put on enormous weight to fit the role perfectly. She was required to increase about 30lbs.

A woman to ask an actress to gain 30 pounds isn’t something commonplace. But she was able to do it. Renee, who is extremely sensitive regarding her body, was forced to consume many unhealthy foods. She regularly indulged in pizza, burgers, and chocolate to put on weight.

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Zellweger was instructed not to keep track of the calories she was eating each day. Renee could also indulge in french toast and milkshakes. Her weight rose rapidly, and she was ready for the part as one would expect.

Renee Zellweger Weight Loss Journey

After all, filming was completed to film the Bridget Jones Diary, Zellweger was now getting her focus directly in front of her. She set out on a journey to shed weight. After weighing 140lbs, Renee wanted to shed the pounds, and her work was over.

To accomplish this, her gym membership was re-opened following 9 months of performing. Zellweger committed herself to train so hard that she was back to the point where she first started in months. Now slim and toned, Zellweger kept her diet and exercise routine for a long time.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Renfree said, ” It feels good to finally get to fitness after 9 months without going there.“.

Renee Zellweger Weight Loss For Judy

As previously mentioned, Zellweger has lost/gained weight numerous times in her professional career. When Zellweger was selected to portray the part of American actress Judy Garland, she was again asked to alter her weight to fit the exact requirements of the character.

Although this time, Renee was forced to shed some weight. The film, Judy, proved to be the most difficult challenge of Zellweger’s professional career. However, she was able to deal with the challenge. In The National Enquirer, Zellweger reduced calories consumed to follow the ” extreme 500-calories-a-day diet“.

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It was by far the most difficult aspect of her profession. The actress was eating her weight to be Judy Garland. She needed to perform the character of a drug-addicted singer, which is why losing weight was so important. Zellweger lived on an easy diet of nuts as well as the seeds of sunflower, smoothies and fruits, and even vegetables.

Following this diet program for a few years, Zellweger lost 24 pounds, and her weight fell to less than 100 pounds. This obviously was not a very good thing and was extremely risky. After the filming of the film had been completed, Renee switched to her usual diet plan and regained her weight.

Renee Isn’t In Agreement With Hollywood Standards

As an actress enters fifty, she appears extremely frustrated by the standards for women in Hollywood. She’s not happy with such ” high expectations” from actors. The weight loss she has experienced has caused her to be depressed over the years. She doesn’t want younger actresses to experience the same thing she did.

What Is Renee Currently?

After struggling to get to a healthy weight, Renee now weighs around 116 pounds. The actress is spotted with an English presenter on television, Ant Anstead. Zellweger appears to be completely content and at ease with her life.

Last Words

Passion about your profession is a sign that you are living a happy life, but don’t overdo the passion excessively. It is evident what happened to Renee. The incident may make her famous for a short time, but in the long term, it ended up in depression and anger. Keep your health as your top goal.

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