Richard Simmons Weight Loss: Workout & Diet Plan

Richard Simmons is the kind of trainer that we all need to battle weight gain. He has assisted many people through his unique method of losing weight. He advocates being fit, healthy, and attractive as he fights discrimination based on a person’s appearance.

The variety of Simmons’s strategies is so extensive that whether you’re his admirer or have heard his methods for the first time, you’re likely to come across a novel method to lose weight that you’ve never seen before.

Before we discuss Richard’s various weight loss methods, we’ll learn about his experience. Simmons himself has shed an enormous amount of weight.

What Helped Richard Simmons Lose Weight?

Being a foodie, Richard has struggled with his weight issues since he was eight. Richard stated, “When I was only 8 years old, I was weighing around 200lbs“. In school, he became the victim of bullying because his weight continued to increase. As Simmons reached his teens, his weight became a dangerous situation.

Richard was concerned about his body weight. Richard had difficulty controlling the way he ate. Simmons also confessed during an interview that he was taking ” unhealthy measures” to shed weight. He also used weight loss pills, laxatives, and diet pills.

After trying every method for losing weight, however, nothing worked out. Simmons was trying to find a successful method to shed pounds. Through all the effort, He realized that there was no effective speedy method to lose weight. Richard began losing weight in a traditional method. This included eating a balanced diet and working out.

Following this strategy, Simmons was able to lose 100 pounds. This was a turning point for Simmons. Since then, he has become an exercise instructor for weight loss and has assisted hundreds of people to lose 50-120 weight.

Richard realized that there was no quick and efficient method of losing weight. It is only possible to shed excess weight if they consistently lose weight.

Simmons developed methods that included traditional ways to lose weight, including eating healthy and exercising. However, he introduced them in a new method. For instance, he replaced exercise with dancing instead of exercising in the gym.

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Find out the full variety of weight-loss strategies:

Richard Simmons Weight Loss Journey

As time passes, Simmons’ weight loss strategies have increased in popularity. He continues to update his weight loss program under his studies. Richard uses strategies that have proven effective for his weight loss but leave out other methods. Here’s a complete list of his effective methods for losing weight:

#1 Cardio Workout

Richard offers a unique but effective method for cardio exercise. His method is that we should experiment with new cardio workouts every day. In an interview for Men’s Health, he said, “One day I’ll work on my the back, chest, and shoulders, and the next day I’ll tone shoulders, back, the triceps and biceps. I train for an hour of aerobics each day before leaving home” 1.

#2 Get Up Early In The Morning

Simmons instructs his students to get up earlier in the day. Since that’s when an aspirant to lose weight can gain the most benefit. He encourages getting in shape early in the early morning. He does it himself.

In an appearance on Men’s Health, Richard said, “I’m awake around 4 a.m. I pray and thank God for my blessings, and then I get my workout in as soon as possible.” Richard added, “I just get it done because that’s when I get the energy. I don’t whine or make excuses for pity parties. If I don’t look after myself if I don’t feel well about myself, how do I assist others? ?”

#3 Include Music Into Your Workout

If you’re a huge lover of Richard Simmons, you must’ve heard about his SWEATIN’ TO oldies workout. This is actually an easy set of fun dance moves. This was one of the factors that helped make Richard famous.

Richard is adamant about people including dancing into their routines of exercise. Richard also promotes the notion that dance could be used as a way to exercise. He has a selection of music he refers to as ” Workout Mix.”

#4 Don’t Be A Jerk

The idea behind this phrase is that we make promises that if we lose X pounds, we’ll purchase an automobile, a house, or even go on a holiday. However, this strategy does not work. It is a sign of greed.

Richard has said in an interview, “My father gave me a dollar per one pound I’d lose as a youngster. It was not a success. It’s not effective in the long-term.” He also said, “Who are you competing against? It’s you. It’s your responsibility to do this for you. This is not to win an automobile and not to live in the most luxurious hotel .”

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#5 Make A Calorie Consumption Schedule

Simmons suggests that we create a daily calorie consumption plan which we must adhere to every day. The ideal consumption amount should be 1500 to 1600 calories daily.

#6 Avoid Eating Unhealthy Food

If you have unhealthful food at your home, there’s a good chance that you’ll consume it. Because it is an appealing option. It is recommended that you not have this food in your house. As Richard says, “There’s an entire list of food items that I cannot have in the home. Peanut butter and potato chips aren’t allowed to keep in your home. Small mini candy bars, I don’t imagine this .”

If you’ve eaten something bad during the last few days. Let it go and focus on the present. You’re on the road to weight loss. Live present in the moment.

#7 There Isn’t A Fast Method

Although Simmons supports health improvements, He is opposed to quick fixes and a speedy method of losing weight. Since the fact is that there aren’t any quick methods for weight loss. It’s not something that can be accomplished in a single day. It is not easy work, but it can help us shed excess weight.

In an interview, Richard said, “There isn’t any magic milkshake or exercise machine. The real engine is you. To become the man you’ve always wanted, you must earn the right to be .”

#8 Stay Old-Fashioned And Fashionable

Simmons is adamant that the only way you lose weight is by following the right diet and workout routine. Nowadays, people are used to quick fixes that will not work.

Adhering to an exercise routine is important daily because that’s how you’re likely to see the difference. But, if you shed weight fast through a product, there is a good chance of becoming overweight again.

#9 Eat 3 Balanced Meals Daily

Simmons’ diet philosophy is simple. He suggests that we consume three balanced meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Following a balanced and healthy diet will not need to snack during the day or in the middle of nowhere.

#10 Note Down The Foods You Eat

Richard is also adamant that his pupils keep track of their food. He suggests that recording our daily consumption will help us measure our progress.

Richard Simmons Weight Loss Before And After

Before when Simmons began losing weight, Simmons weighed about 300 pounds. It was a risky health risk due to his age. But, through dedication, he lost 100 pounds and changed his health.

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Calories You Burn Doing Richard’s SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES?

It’s fair to say that it is dependent upon the person dancing. You are likely to generate more calories if you’re active and energetic. In reality, the average person can burn around 80 calories in 45 minutes in the company of Richard Simmons on dancing to the oldies.

Where Is Richard Right Now? Is He Sick?

Many of Richard’s fans are worried because his last public appearance was in 2014. Some people are concerned regarding his overall health. He’s fine, but he isn’t holding sessions regularly. It could be because he’s aged 73. But, you can still see Simmons on his YouTube channel, where he’s uploaded several dance performances.

Amid the current pandemic, when people were agitated and locked in their homes and didn’t need to perform anything, Simmons started uploading many dance routines that individuals could perform at home. If you want to contact Richard or are looking for his advice, head to his website.


Undoubtedly, Richard Simmons is one of the biggest names in fitness and personal development. He has assisted thousands of individuals in transforming their unhealthy habits into positive ones. He has a great understanding of this topic.

Hope that Richard’s methods discussed in this article can assist you in overcoming your fitness issues and discovering what is working for you.


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