Newt Gingrich Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet & Workout Plan

Newt is well-known for his involvement in politics and for well-written books. However, the personal biography of the 50-year-old US House of Representatives leader is a secret. At 78, Gingrich was having issues due to his body weight. He has managed to take charge of it.

Recently, Newt has shaded many pounds. The weight was always an issue for Newt. He was constantly being asked to weigh himself by people who voted for him, if not by the press. Take a look at this incident. During the time that Gingrich was attending a South Carolina GOP event, a woman who was a voter came up to Gingrich and asked him:

“You appear to be in excellent health, and if you are President for eight more years, do I think you can prove the above?” Newt replied with a smile, ” I’m fine.” But, as of right now, Newt is very well-being. Newt has managed to overcome his weight, and his appearance is much better than it was before.

Which Method Did Newt Shed Weight?

Newt was overweight since childhood. He’s tried to lose weight ever since. Gingrich attempted to shed some weight in the years 2019 and 2020. However, it didn’t seem to be working. In 2021, however, Newt will be lighter and more fit than before.

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He lost weight simply by exercising and refraining from eating unhealthy foods. Newt’s weight loss journey began when he came across John DeFendis. John comes originally from South Florida. DeFendis was an ex- Mr. USA bodybuilder.

DeFendis commented on Gingrich: “He was obese and in poor shape. He was required to take on what most people have to do. To lose weight and gain muscles .” Gingrich became a part of DeFendis” weight loss program.

John DeFendis’ program actually contains a diet and exercise program. This must be followed. Although it may not require intense workouts, he is very strict with the timing and the routine of workouts.

Newt Gingrich Weight Loss: Diet Plan

DeFendis presented Newt’s shopping list, which included baked potatoes and fresh green vegetables. Boneless chicken breasts, brown/white flour, flaxseed meal, and fat-free spaghetti.

The diet of DeFendis includes taking six supplements with lunch and breakfast. The supplement claims to aid in burning fat as well as creating muscles.

However, some nutritionists are against supplementing supplements. They claim that supplements don’t aid people in losing weight, but diet and exercise can. Nevertheless, Gingrich followed DeFendis’ diet plan entirely.

Newt Gingrich Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Gingrich took 1 and a quarter of an hour daily at the gym alongside DeFendis. They would begin their workout in the morning at 6:45 a.m. A few fans of Newt are curious about what DeFendis has a similar interest in politics. According to his personal words, “I didn’t know anything about politics. I had no idea who he was at his beginning .”

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He went on to say, “You gotta understand, between 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. I was always working with people. This meant I could not spend enough time to do anything else.” Newt would do leg raises, lunges crunches, cycling, and barbell curls.

What Weight Has Newt Shed?

Through all the exercise and diet programs, Gingrich lost 30 pounds. Given his weight, it wasn’t that significant. However, he’s still trying to improve his weight and is getting better with time.

Newt Gingrich Weight Loss Before And After

Before beginning his weight loss journey with DeFendis, Newt weighed around 250 pounds. His current weight is just 203 pounds.

Newt Gingrich Weight Loss Surgery

There is a misperception in the minds of many people who love Newt Gingrich that he underwent weight loss surgery. But, he didn’t have any procedure or weight reduction surgery. Newt has shed weight exclusively through the DeFendis Weight loss plan.

DeFendis Comments Regarding Newt Gingrich Weight Loss

DeFendis made remarks about the experience working alongside Newt: “It was a blast working with Newt. If he’s gained several pounds, all he’s got to do is return to the plan. It’s not a diet. It’s a way of life .”

What Is It That Newt Revealed About His Journey To Lose Weight?

Newt described his journey in the following way “Losing pounds wasn’t an easy task. It was among the toughest experiences of my life. However, I’m now feeling great. I’m very comfortable and .”


It doesn’t matter if you’re a former president or vice-president of the USA, an actor, a former speaker, or just a normal individual; we’re all human beings. We are all alike and, consequently, have had the same issues. I hope Newt Gingrich’s story inspires you to take on obesity.

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