Amy Slaton Weight Loss: Her Journey to a Healthier Life

When Amy made her debut on TLC’s 1000-pound Sisters, viewers noticed that a lighter-weighted participant had joined. However, this “light-weighted” was just lighter than the series norms. Slaton’s weight was around 400lbs at the time she initially made her appearance in the program.

However, Amy was not completely satisfied. She didn’t think that her weight had grown to this extent. After discovering the facts, Amy embarked on the process of losing weight. And she was successful in the process. Slaton reached 270 pounds. However, the trip wasn’t without its ups and downs.

Amy Slaton was through some tough times in the course of her Amy Slaton weight loss journey. She was on a rollercoaster that went upwards and downwards. So, let’s read to find out what the roller coaster was to Slaton herself.

Amy Slaton Weight Loss Journey

Before we can find out how her weight dropped, we must discuss what led her to the level she’s at today. According to Slaton, ” We (she and her sister suffering from weight issues) were very poor when we were born.” She claimed that there were instances when we had no food at all.

Amy remembered that they were fed from the church and often served fast food. This is why her (along with her sibling’s) weight increased. That’s precisely how Amy developed a passion for fast food, which later led to her weight gain.

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Then, we return to the primary question of what caused Slaton shed weight. When Slaton visited her doctor, he advised her that the sole option to begin weight loss was by undergoing surgery. When she heard that, Amy agreed. But, the doctor offered a condition that she shed twenty pounds before surgery, as it would reduce all high risks.

Amy Slaton Weight Loss

In agreement with the doctor, Slaton shed 20 pounds during a few months of work in the gym, and she cut out most of her diet. Her next move was surgery, and that’s precisely the procedure she underwent.

After the procedure was completed, Amy’s weight dropped from 300lbs. It was a significant feat compared to Slaton’s struggle with weight issues. Following the surgery, things took on a new direction. Amy was pregnant with the son of her previous husband, Gage, and her weight-loss process was stopped.

As is to be expected, Slaton put on a significant amount of weight. Slaton said it was like all of the ” struggles were unsuccessful.” But as soon as she had her child, Slaton got back on the right track. She was disciplined in her eating habits and worked out every day.

In this manner, Amy lost weight in a significant way, and she became slimmer. Amy’s story was so confusing to those who follow her that once, one fan observed her running in a public space and shared the picture on Reddit, which made it the subject of debate. The photo was captioned with “Amy appears so thin. She’s lost a lot of skin”.

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Amy Slaton Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Amy Slaton Weight Loss 2022 Before And After

To be exact, Slaton has lost 130 pounds in her weight loss journey. She dropped between 400lbs straight down to just 270lbs. The shocking news shocked everyone, even her sister Tammy.

The Slaton sisters are featured as part of the brand-new season, too. The premiere date was November 15th, 2021. Fans waiting for quite a while were eager and thrilled to know the details about Amy and Tammy’s sister’s struggle.

As she tries to shed some weight through My 600-lb Live, Amber Rachdi has lost 20 pounds.

Last Words

Slaton has faced many struggles throughout her life. Obesity has been a major factor in her life for an extended period. But now, Slaton is standing up for herself and has made a big difference. Amy is a beacon of hope for people who feel depressed because of being overweight.


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