Christian Workout Music Playlist: Energy Booster Music List

Are you in search of high-energy Christian fitness music to stimulate your heart?

There is no better method than to do your faith and workout to go simultaneously!

I love traditional worship music, which often has a gentle beat; it’s not a secret. However, when I’m ready to start working out, I like faster music that is moderate to a high tempo and beat.

Get Pumped for Jesus by Christian Workout Music

Before becoming a Christian, I was always a fan of rock music and techno remixes when I was younger. Now that I’m an adult (and currently a follower of Christ), my music preference hasn’t changed, and I’m happy that there are Christian musicians who play these genres!

My favorite Christian workout music is more of a techno or rock beat, which is excellent for staying inspired to complete your morning run or even working out at the gym for an exercise circuit.

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My Christian Workout Music Playlist

My workout playlist contains a mix of energetic Christian songs that are super energetic and some that have more of a “cooldown” rhythm.


I’d have to say that Skillet is my all-time favorite for (seriously) beat-driven worship songs when I’m working out!

In addition to being energetic, The songs are also about Jesus (as you can discern in the following titles) and how we can overcome everything because He is always in our midst.

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The songs I’m listening to are on top of my workout playlist.

  1. Legendary
  2. Feel Invincible
  3. Back from the Dead
  4. Undisputed
  5. Rise Up


TobyMac is highly well-known among young people due to frequent collaborations with other well-known “non-traditional” Christian artists. His songs focus on keeping his focus on Jesus.

  1. Eye On It – TobyMac (feat. Britt Nicole)
  2. Ignition – TobyMac
  3. This is not a Test Toby Mac – Toby Mac (feat. Capital Kings)

Hillsong Young and Free

Another well-known group for younger people (making it ideal to use as Christian exercise songs) can be found in Hillsong Young and Free. While I am a fan of Hillsong United, Hillsong Young, and Free songs are more energetic and suitable for workouts.

  1. The song is called Living Now This is Living Now Hillsong Youthful and Liberated (feat. Lecrae)
  2. Alive Hillsong Young and free


Newsboys is a tremendous Christian workout playlist to use at the fitness center or for a cardio session!

  1. God’s Not Dead – Newsboys
  2. Crazy – Newsboys

More Christian Workout Music

More Christian Workout Music

Here’s a list of who my absolute top choices include on my music playlist. However, I also have a few essential things on any Christian workout playlist.

They vary from super-high-energy and techno remixes and some that feature more of a hip/hop beat.

  1. #LITO – Press Play
  2. Overcomer – Mandisa
  3. Glorious Day Passion (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
  4. Happy Dance – Mercy Me
  5. Joy – Jonny Diaz
  6. “Jumpstart My Heart satellites and sirens
  7. Your Love Awakens Me – Phil Wickham
  8. Move – Audio Adrenaline
  9. Go Hard – Lecrae (feat. Tedashii)
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Here’s the playlist! My Christian workout playlist!

To be sincere, I don’t listen to this playlist while exercising. I also do yard work and housework after a shower. I can tune into this playlist for hours If I want!

As I’ve said, I love the traditional music of worship. However, the songs that I recommend are Christian worship songs with the perfect beats and pace to inspire you and get your heart pumping!


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