Candice Delong Plastic Surgery: Botox & Facelift? [REVEALED]

All the details about Candice DeLong plastic surgery procedures, most especially Botox or facelifts. Have a look at her before and post-surgery changes.

Born on the 16th of July, 1950. Candice DeLong was a former FBI criminal profiler. In the Unabomber case in San Francisco, California, she was the main profiler.

DeLong is currently the anchor for the Discovery Channel’s documentary on true crime, Deadly Women and a special documentary Facing Evil, together with Candice DeLong.

Recently, however, Candice DeLong has been making rounds with different motives. Did she make cosmetic changes? Did she fail to perform her cosmetic surgery? Let’s find the answer.

Candice DeLong Plastic Surgery: How Many Times Has She Been Under The Knife?

It’s no surprise that Candice DeLong has had some work done to her appearance. Most of her people loved her cynicism after they started watching the Discovery Channel’s crime documentary-style television show Deadly Women.

In contrast to her incredibly accomplished professional career, however, the same cannot be said of her personal endeavors, specifically plastic surgery. In the latest post-surgery photos, DeLong appears like she was a bit tight, which is a sure sign.

One fan claimed,

I am a huge fan of her show! I believe she got an eye lift, or maybe it was a bit tight. However, this isn’t the most, or even my worst, experience witnessed.

Another was in agreement,

I also love her show! Also, I think she’s cute regardless of her character. It’s sad to watch an intelligent woman trying to conform to the traditional Hollywood idea of never aging.

In her most recent looks, Candice is bantered on Reddit for her resemblance to “Sharon Osbourne” mixed and Kris Jenner” and the “Ken Doll” man who has a kind of gender confusion.

Fans have been watching Deadly Women‘s constant development for years. Many think she’s stunning and didn’t have to undergo plastic surgery. However, she’s still stunning even though she’s over-stuffed and tightened in the places that aren’t right, perhaps because of Botox and facelifts.

However, it is true how her body is becoming increasingly plastic every year. It isn’t too difficult to say that whatever she’s doing must stop immediately. It’s making her look like the “botched puppet” instead of aging gracefully.

A user of the Internet told me,

The actress was stunning. I’m sure the end wasn’t “drastic”; however, it’s difficult to see.

Fans love her However, they noticed her appearance becoming terrifying a couple of years ago. Some people claimed to be stunned at the thought that she had such a sharp mind but ended up ruining her face.

On the other hand, some believe she’s gorgeous for her age. However, she should slow down or even stop. It’s like she’s trying not to get older in any way.

It’s fine to age a bit since if she does not eliminate her obsession with plastic surgery, her eyebrows will eventually be at the top of her head. The public is advising her to be careful not to go too far.

Candice Delong Previously Shared Lessons From Her FBI Career

On the 14th of October in the 14th of October 2015, FBI agent Candice DeLong was a guest at Meredith College and shared stories from her time being the FBI Special agent. She gave a talk to students studying criminology at Meredith and gave a safety seminar, and presented an open-air presentation.

DeLong spoke about some of the highlights of Her FBI career. Her first job was as a nurse since her previous life was not what she had envisioned. She wanted to know more about the people she cared for as a nurse at an ultra-secure facility.

DeLong said that,

I wanted to know what they thought and behaved to be more prepared in case I ever had to be in a situation that could be dangerous. It was a surprise to me that I was training myself for a future career within the FBI.

DeLong was a key player in the most compelling and memorable cases, including her involvement in the Tylenol murders. She described changing how people go about their day-to-day lives by influencing pharmaceutical companies to use tamper-proof containers.

DeLong spoke about the Tylenol trial and her knowledge as one of the three agents who led the hunt for Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, within Montana during her presentation at Meredith. According to DeLong, students who wish to be employed in the industry must work on their communication skills.

DeLong stated,

It is essential to have strong communication abilities – you must be able and able to talk to people and increase your capacity to listen and observe. Learn everything relevant to your field, talk to experienced officers and learn from their experiences.

DeLong was the San Francisco Division of the FBI’s principal analyst until her retirement in 2000. She was a member of the California Child Abduction Task Force. She was a liaison with the Bureau’s internationally renowned Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico.


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