Man Maker Crossfit: The Exercise for Total Body Conditioning

Man Maker are an underutilized dumbbell exercise that builds robust full-body strength, enforces dynamic movement, and improves fitness for everyone who incorporates it into their training regimen.

What exactly is Man Maker?

The phrase “Man Maker” refers to a collection of motions that have been gathered together to form a unified complex. These consist of a dumbbell push-up, two renegade rows (one for each arm), and a squat clean thruster performed sequentially. This is equivalent to a single rep.

A complex is a sequence of exercises that are completed in succession and counted as one repetition. A well-known example of a barbell complex is the “Bear Complex.”

The Advantages of the Man Maker Exercise

Man Maker Exercise Advantages

Man Makers are a great crossfit workout for overall fitness, complete body strength growth in exhausted situations, stability, balance, and increasing power output.

Man Makers are also an excellent core workout. During the plank / renegade row and Squat Clean Thruster parts of the exercise, they make your midsection work hard.

Man Makers are a wonderful approach to improve grip and forearm strength, especially when heavier dumbbells are used.

Which Muscles Man Maker Works

Crossfit Workout Man Maker Exercise

Man Makers are a full-body workout, and the various aspects of the activity will strengthen and develop the body in various ways. Below, you can see how each component of the Man Maker complex will assist different muscles and muscle groups in your body.

  • Erector spinae, abs, and core
  • Pecs, serratus anterior, triceps, delts, and core
  • Traps, biceps, triceps, lats, teres minor, teres major, serratus anterior, and core
  • Quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, core stabilisers, shoulders, delts – Squat Clean Thruster
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How to Perform Man Maker

  1. Position your body on the floor in a conventional Press Up position, with your hands clutching the Dumbbells.
  2. Inhale deeply and tighten your core, glutes, and grip.
  3. Perform a push-up. Make sure your chest and thighs are in touch with the ground. Exhale
  4. Inhale, brace your body, and row the right Dumbbell with your right arm after you’ve returned to the beginning position. Maintain a tight and muscular physique.
  5. Then, with your left arm, perform a single Dumbbell Row. Exhale \sInhale. Bring your feet front, then catapult your body up into a Squat stance. As you break parallel, make sure the hip crease is below the knee crease. Dumbbells should be placed on your shoulders.
  6. Squat sharply high. At the apex of the exercise, press both dumbbells. Make sure you lock out your arms and extend your hips, knees, and arms fully. During the
  7. Dumbbell Press component of the action, exhale.
  8. Return to the starting point of the Press Up.
  9. Rep until you’ve completed the required amount of reps.

Man Maker Training Recommendations

Crossfit Man Maker Exercise Workout

Maintain a firm and braced core and abs throughout the whole range of action. Man Maker are an underutilized core exercise because they force the entire core to work hard to balance, coordinate, and stabilize the body as it moves through the various exercises in the overall complex.

Keep your spine in a level, neutral position. At no moment should your back fold or hunch forward.

Keep the dumbbells as near to your body as possible at all times. This makes them easier to move and each individual movement more efficient with less lost energy.

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Consider how you will transition between the several workouts in the overall Man Maker complex. The smoother you are, the more quickly and effectively you will be able to progress through the Man Maker.


  • Avoid leaping your feet into a narrow foot stance after each push-up and row. Jump your feet in and land in a squat posture, ready you for the squat clean.
  • Use a good deadlift to return the dumbbells to the floor.

Last Words For Man Maker Exercise

Man Makers Exercise Crossfit Workout

Man Maker are not a popular activity, but by including a new stimuli into your routine, you will be challenging and strengthening your conditioning in novel ways. They integrate very efficient motions into a complex that will benefit your health and fitness greatly.


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