Devil Press: The High-Intensity Exercise for Total Body

The devil press (also known as the devil’s press) is a full-body exercise and all-in-one action.

If you want to enhance your strength, speed, and conditioning, this is the workout for you.

It’s more difficult than it appears, and even a few reps may leave you gasping on the floor.

Let’s speak about what the devil press is and the advantages it provides.

Devil Press Step by Step Instruction

You’ll need two dumbbells of the same weight to do this exercise.

A dumbbell burpee and a double dumbbell snatch are combined to form the devil press.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Allow the dumbbells to dangle adjacent to the body.
  2. Hip joint hinge
  3. Reduce the weights to the ground (preferably inline with shoulders)
  4. Reduce the body’s weight to the ground.
  5. Perform a triceps push-up with a semi-explosive motion.
  6. Continue on and kick the legs in (underneath)
  7. For a static hip hinge, contract the gluteus maximus.
  8. Abs that are firm
  9. Dumbbells should be pulled all the way back between the legs.
  10. Pull the pelvis up by contracting the gluteus maximus and hamstrings.
  11. Maintain a firm spine.
  12. Otherwise, swing through while snatching the dumbbells aloft (the most popular form).
  13. Clean and hang (correct version)
  14. Press
  15. Maintain a correct overhead lockout by standing up straight.
  16. Lower dumbbells to a position where they are hanging close to the body and repeat.
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It is important to notice that you should not pause with the dumbbells at your shoulders before performing a press.

You must raise the dumbbells above in a single smooth motion.

Benefits Of The Devil Press

As previously said, the devil press is quite powerful.

Here are a few reasons why you should include them in your training.

Gains in Strength

Devil Press Exercise Crossfit Workout

A burpee technically comprises a push-up of some kind.

When you add in the dumbbells, which raise you slightly off the ground, you’re essentially executing a push-up at a loss.

In other words, your chest needs to travel a longer distance to touch the floor.

The devil press also involves (kind of) a squat. It’s a weighted squat in this situation.

And, while the snatch phase is mostly about explosiveness (more on that in a moment), it still requires strength to keep the weights high.

Increased Explosiveness

Consider a kettlebell swing. How do you get the kettlebell overhead?

You do not bulk up.

Rather, you power it up with your glutes and hips, with your arms effectively directing it in the appropriate direction.

A similar narrative may be told about the devil press.

The hips and glutes are primarily important for lifting the weights above.

This suggests that this exercise is excellent for increasing explosiveness.

Furthermore, this applies to many other activities you perform in the gym, such as box jumps and Olympic lifts, which also need explosiveness.

Cardiovascular Endurance Has Increased

Crossfit Workout Devil Press Exercise

You’re already aware of how difficult burpees are.

Now add two dumbbells to the mix.

Adding weight to an aerobic workout might make it more difficult.

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When experimenting with this technique, keep in mind that form should never be sacrificed for the sake of weight or reps.

Begin with a less weight to get the feel of it, and then consider progressing to a more difficult weight.

Can the Devil Press Help You Gain Muscle?

Sure, this is a “Crossfit” workout, as if motions are exclusive, but it may be done to promote muscle size and fat reduction.

You want to preserve the aerobic components of the devil press, so couple it with typical muscle-building workouts.

Can The Devil Press Be Done With A Barbell Or Kettlebells?

Devil Press Crossfit Exercise

A functional exercise is the devil press.

Yes, both kettlebells and barbells may be used for devil presses.

With the kettlebells, you simply want to use a light enough weight.

For more power training, I like barbells and kettlebells, although they may make the devil press even more severe.


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