Amazing Fitness Tips By Sarah Ostrand of Riding Strong

Sarah Ostrand of Riding Strong Ltd. is a “Fitness Trainer to Horseman.” Sarah has “been riding horses for the majority of her life, and has been working as a fitness coach over the past seven years.”

Today, she shares her most important tips for a successful workout routine for horsemen.

Sarah wants to kick things with a statement like, “So your a Cowgirl, and you’re looking to build your fitness! Yay! I am so proud of you! Thank you for starting on your journey towards fitness… Everyone has their own fitness journey. By tailoring it to your needs and goals, it’s more enjoyable. Be aware that being healthy shouldn’t be a painful experience. It’s meant to improve your life and your life as you intend to lead in and beyond your seat.”

Without further delay, here are her fitness strategies!

“Don’t attempt to make everything different in a single day. Like dealing with an animal, start with the basics and expand from there. It’s not necessary to be a #fitnessinfluencer within your first week to live a social media-worthy life. Choose a routine that you feel at ease with, something that you’re able to maintain over a long time, and then expand by gaining experience.”

“Find what you like best. In the world of horses, there are a variety of disciplines (hello, the babes who rodeo show, ranch, and much more). There are many options for getting fit. If you are a fan of classes, you should try CrossFit, Zumba, Barre, or see what your gym offers. If you are a fan of the gym, make it your home. If you are a fan of the responsibility of being accountable, get an instructor. Don’t feel discouraged if you live in a remote ranch away from town! There are many fun and innovative ways to get fit with the things around the ranch and the house. Whatever your ideal look is for you, you must make it work and stick to it. If you don’t like the idea, it’s unlikely that you’ll commit to it.”

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“But ….incorporate some form of resistance training. Resistance training can strengthen our muscles and other soft tissues (think ligaments and tendons). This is crucial for us cowgirls since riding is extremely physical and demanding. From the actual riding dealing with livestock and horses and everyday chores, we require to be athletic and strong. Training with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and your own bodyweight will assist you in improving getting fit than using machines. Incorporating resistance training into your routine is crucial when it comes to the prevention of injuries and recovery. Make sure you are familiar with the exercises! If you’re still not comfortable, take a class or join an event that will help you.”


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