Wrong Informations About Bodybuilding And Fitness!

Bodybuilding is commonly known as either body beauty or weightlifting for short. Many people describe this sport as harmful, meaningless, and even go so far as to make fun of the person who does it. This wrong attitude stems from ignorance and jealousy.

Bodybuilding Sport, with another definition; It is a branch of sports that improves the efficiency of metabolism by improving the body, strengthening, increasing the fitness level, enhancing the aesthetics and flexibility with exercises with and without tools, performed in accordance with a program within the rules of Movement Science (Kinesiology).

Studies conducted by medical authorities and famous sports and scientists on the benefits of this sport for years have determined that bodybuilding is the golden key to health if it is applied regularly according to scientific rules.

FitGAG will help you to bring the public health to the highest levels with sportive practices by providing you with all the information about scientific and regular bodybuilding and sports in the most scientific and comprehensive way.


FALSE: The muscles are abnormally swollen, the body becomes bulky.

TRUE: When done with regular and scientific rules, it exercises, strengthens and develops muscles perfectly, and gives flexibility and aesthetics.

FALSE: It is difficult and troublesome to apply, it cannot be done at all ages

TRUE: It can be done at any age, anywhere, at any time, regardless of time and place.

Wrong Informations About Bodybuilding And Fitness!

FALSE: It is not effective in removing body fat, it makes people’s movements difficult

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TRUE: It prevents immobility, burns body fat and gives flexibility when applied with light weight and repeated movements and short rest periods between exercises.

FALSE: It causes the heart to grow.

TRUE: Regular and conscious bodybuilding exercises strengthen the heart muscles, regulate blood circulation, and make the heart work healthier.

FALSE: It strains body systems, makes breathing difficult.

TRUE: It provides a better respiratory capacity by expanding the rib cage.

FALSE: It causes low productivity in those who practice other sports branches.

TRUE: It constitutes the most important part of fitness training and is considered as the basis of all sports branches.

Wrong Informations About Bodybuilding And Fitness!

FALSE: It disrupts the balance of the body and causes difficulty in concentration.

TRUE: Increases body dominance, balance and concentration.

FALSE: It increases the self-esteem (narcissism) and selfish feelings of the doer, makes it angry.

TRUE: It protects from bad habits or allows them to be quit, increases the person’s self-confidence, eliminates nervousness and stress.

FALSE: It prevents height growth in the developmental age.

TRUE: Regular exercises help lengthen the neck by strengthening muscle, ligament and bone tissues. (I am opening parentheses here myself because this is a very common, very illogical rumor. Coincidentally, I have adopted these rumors the most and I have seen those who could not and cannot do this job. Look at the basketball players and boxers, do they do it by dribbling without weight training? That body means that sports is beneficial and does not shorten anything, since weight is the father of sports …)

FALSE: Dangerous for older ages, causing connective tissue and muscle injury.

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TRUE: Helps prevent muscle wasting and joint ailments in advanced ages, gives strength, permanent form and a younger appearance.

Wrong Informations About Bodybuilding And Fitness!

FALSE: It causes masculine and rude appearance in women.

TRUE: It helps women gain general aesthetic and athletic structure advantages, eliminates cellulite and weight loss problems, and is the most effective sport for individual body parts.

FALSE: It causes image disturbances in the body, disrupts the balance of hormone activity.

TRUE: It is an ideal sport for posture disorders or rehabilitation after any accident, it helps to increase the level of important hormones (endorphins, etc.) in the body.

FALSE: It has no effect on physical therapy and rehabilitation.

TRUE: Bodybuilding machines, which have biomechanical properties and provide opportunities for sports rehabilitation, are indispensable devices of medical departments such as rehabilitation and physical therapy, and bodybuilding systems are the basis of such treatments.


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