Why Bodybuilding and Fitness Necessary for Seniors ?

Naturally, there is a decrease in the mobility and strength of the body starting from middle age. Various diseases occur at this age. For example; Back problems, joint and muscle ailments, and many movement-restricting conditions are the most common conditions.

Cardiac and circulatory diseases, especially after the age of 45-50, generally cause death in industrial societies. Accordingly, infarction is the number one cause of death in men.

Sportive practices have shown that it is possible to achieve high performances even in older ages.

If we take the bodybuilding branch as an example, we can show the famous athletes Frank Zane (pictured above), Steve Revis, Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Ed Corney, who are over 50 or even 60 years old. These famous athletes continue their activities professionally and prove this issue even today.

Some Important Points For Bodybuilding And Fitness Workouts In Advance

Why Bodybuilding and Fitness Necessary for Seniors ?

Quality of life is closely related to health and well-being. Generally, sports are very important for the elderly to achieve this happiness. At this age, self-confidence and feeling strong make people happy.

Exercises performed in old age are based on general workout principles. Such as workout intensity, volume, frequency. The main purpose of the studies should be a healthy life with fitness. Increasing power should not be in the first place. Those who do sports in their youth know well their personal strengths and capacities.

It is inevitable for former athletes who have not exercised for 20 years and the elderly who have never done sports to consult a doctor before starting Fitness.

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Generally, seniors should apply a rational work program consisting of strength, endurance, mobility and coordination. Movements based on rapid force should be avoided.

Durability Workouts

Why Bodybuilding and Fitness Necessary for Seniors ?

It is important that endurance studies constitute 50% of the entire study program at the beginning and then 70-80%. The possibility to control this is with the pulse frequency. Heart rate decreases with aging. The main rule here is: Age – 180 is the ideal number of beats per minute to be below the resulting figure.

Generally, the workout time can be increased, but it is better not to increase the workout volume. Depending on old age, such as aerobic programs, ergonometry programs controlling the heart rate, walking.

Weight Lifting Workouts

Why Bodybuilding and Fitness Necessary for Seniors ?

As old age increases, the muscle density in the whole body decreases in proportion to the weight of the body and therefore fat accumulation occurs. For this reason, the balance of load and force in the body also deteriorates. This loss can be reduced and balanced with bodybuilding and fitness exercises.

In these studies, stabilization movements are recommended primarily for the back muscles. These movements prevent muscle weakness and posture disorders. The exercises chosen should also be sufficient to protect the spine and joints.

In general, movements involving strength endurance should be chosen as preparatory for beginners.


Why Bodybuilding and Fitness Necessary for Seniors ?

Scientific study programs must be done throughout life. Bodybuilding and fitness activities are activities recommended to be done by doctors and specialists, especially in advanced ages.

The old age period is the most important period in which the body will receive support from bodybuilding and fitness, and there is no end age. These exercises will give you a completely different body and health and will give you an unlimited pleasure of life.

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