Fitness Tips For Women To Get Faster Results!

This topic is extremely close and dear to me, that is, women’s fitness and health!

While everyone, regardless of gender, has unique and individual situations, I think there are certain commonalities between people who share the same identity.

Fitness Tips For Women

Being female, at least according to my experience, is specific common ground regarding fitness and exercise, body image and esteem, nutrition, and weight.

In this regard, I believe that our obligation as women is to empower and help one another.

That’s the essence of what this entire piece is all about: learning how to be kind to ourselves. This will aid us in being gentle to each other.

In the beginning, I’d like to clarify some of the common myths that many women have about fitness, nutrition, and overall health. Then, I’ll explore some of the best workout tips and tricks for females.

Lifting Will Make You Bulky

This is a common myth that I’ve heard many times throughout my career working in fitness. Fitness Industry.

Believe me when I say that lifting weights will not make you fat. Building muscle requires an appropriate amount of weight and reps. Lifting on the lighter or moderate side will not weigh anyone up. Instead, it will increase lean muscle mass, making someone appear more toned and in better shape.

Like everything else, including fitness, everything must be tailored. With this principle applied, resistance training will/can yield different results based on so many factors-diet, weekly workouts, set and rep ranges, weight range, fitness level, body compensations, mental/emotional health, physical limitations/injuries, sleep, metabolism, age, etc.

In this regard, it’s essential to choose the best training program for your goals. Additionally, I strongly suggest some form of weight training for most people. Resistance training helps maintain their muscles and will help improve functional movement and keep the body working at its maximum capacity.

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Finally, adding lean muscles will help you keep your weight in check. For each pound of muscle that you build up, it will burn 50 calories in a rest. This is a great way to create a safety net for cheating during meals. However, I would not suggest relying on this alone to help you lose weight.

Theoretically (I claim this because every person loses weight differently), it requires a 3500 caloric deficit to lose one pound per week. So fifty calories for every pound of muscle aren’t the only factor to consider in your quest to be healthy and successful with weight loss. You’d need to put on the weight of 70lbs mass to depend solely on this; however, this isn’t feasible for most females.

But, I find this information to be helpful and comforting to have!

Protein Is Only For Men And Body Builders

In fact, everyone needs protein in their diet. What amount and the kind of protein are dependent on your objectives and dietary limitations.

Anyone who wants to build massively or compete in bodybuilding contests will require more protein than others.

Chicken breasts and turkey lean and egg whites are fantastic nutritious protein options for most people. Of course, this article does not cover vegan alternatives to protein, which will require an entire article to go into detail about.

Additionally, one can obtain sufficient protein even while vegan. However, I’ve found that it is much easier to build muscle without being vegan, but it isn’t impossible.

I personally like the whey protein powders like quest as well as Isopure. This isn’t an option for vegans or lactose-intolerant individuals.

Owyn and Evolve powders are fantastic nutritious protein options made from plants I’d definitely recommend.

Suppose you’re not sure of the types and quantities of protein you need to consume. In that case, I strongly suggest consulting an expert in nutrition and fitness.

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Women Do Not Need To Work Their Chest

This is not the case at all. The chest workout will allow our upper bodies to perform at maximum capability/ function and prevent compensating for the upper body.

For instance, if you have solid biceps and triceps but weak pectoral muscles, the triceps and biceps could take over the chest. This can cause imbalances within the body that could result in injury in the future.

We all want our muscles to be strong and ready to go. That’s how we function like efficient machines.

Additionally, it is essential to do abdominal exercises like push-ups or chest presses to help raise the breasts or keep them lifted, increasing overall confidence for women.

We Must Stay Together

I just started working at an all-women’s weightlifting gym, and the level of support and friendship there is truly unique.

As women, I believe we are taught to be at risk and compete with one another.

But, I think this isn’t the proper method to take!

We should be a team and support one another. Only one person needs to be competing with is us. If someone is doing an activity well, it does not necessarily mean that we are more than them.

If we make someone else feel down, it’s often from the self-esteem-related trigger point in our own self-esteem.

In this regard, I urge everyone who feels you are tempted to say something negative about another person to take a look at yourself, understand where they are the source, and then replace the negative thoughts or words by a positive thought or statement about yourself, and perhaps the person you initially wanted to denigrate.

This will result in self-power and may result in the empowerment of others.

It’s not a good idea to tear others down. There always exists someone fit, athletic, more robust, more agile, but remember that you’ve got strengths too! That person who you admire has weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses are common to human beings for all of us.

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In all of this, I would like to encourage the females around me to compliment those who kick at the fitness center.

We all have to do better at encouraging one another, especially when the media is constantly trying to smear women and ask us to reevaluate our lives.


I would like to see all women who go through this article feel an appreciation for pride and sisterhood and get a better understanding of why certain fitness myths are not valid.

Should you need to ask any comments or questions regarding the best fitness strategies for females, or anything else, don’t hesitate to write a leave a comment below.

I wish you all a fantastic day! Thanks for reading, and please stay on the lookout for more!


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