5 Top Gym Equipment That Can Help Improve Spinal Health

Do you have recurring back pains? Take this page as a wake-up call that you need to exercise regularly. You can alleviate your back pain by strengthening the muscle groups that support your spine.

However, you shouldn’t just rush in, exercise, and focus on your back. As we’re dealing with one of the most delicate body parts, it’s best to consult with your physician first. As we know, our spine is an intricate part of our body. If you have a bad back, there are certain gym equipment and exercises you would have to avoid to avoid causing more stress on your backbone and spine.

Thankfully, this page covers the common gym equipment that can improve spinal health and alleviate back pain. Read about them and add them to your list when you plan on strengthening your muscles!


When you think of ‘gyms,’ there would always be a treadmill. But, little did you know, this common equipment can help strengthen the muscles that support the spine. But it can also do so much more than that! By running a couple of miles on the equipment with the latest treadmill features, you can help improve your bone health, lose excess weight, feel better, and so much more!

Running is great cardio, and doing it on a treadmill is much safer. You can get your numbers all in one area. It’s also great if you create a home gym; it’s perfect for most gym goals.

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Elliptical Trainer

Has your physician instructed you only to do light exercise? Well, an elliptical trainer may be well-suited for you. It’s commonly used by individuals who have to undergo physical therapy. It’s a no-impact workout that allows you to take nonstop strides by suspending your foot on each platform.

You won’t have to leave the platform when you work out in this machine – this reduces the risk of unexpected jolts. You can also use the handles for these trainers that can be adjusted depending on how many calories you want to burn.

The great thing about the elliptical trainer is that you can adjust the machine to your liking and stimulate your lower body muscles while toning your upper body – all while ensuring that you’re comfortable and supported.

Step Machine

A step machine or a stepper can strengthen your lower body muscles, which support your spine. You can do this by making climbing movements. You should use this for at least 20 to 30 minutes. But first, start with a 10-minute warm-up, then launch into a 10 to 15-minute interval to activate your muscles and heart. It’s also so your body won’t be shocked by its sudden activeness.

It’s a good choice for individuals with back pain. Don’t worry about using the sides for support since it’s okay; ensure that it won’t limit your body’s natural movement.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are great for alleviating and preventing back pain and injuries. You use this equipment just like how you would row a boat:

  1. Position yourself that your back is straight and the balls of your feet firmly in the straps and core engaged.
  2. You will push back with your lower body and use your upper body, on the other hand, to pull the hands or handle toward your chest.
  3. Release your arms toward the base and bend your knees to return to the starting position.
  4. You’ll repeat each step until you complete your reps.
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Since you’re engaging your back, it will also strengthen the muscles used on this equipment. Using this machine can also improve your target heart rate. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise that works out all of your significant muscles.


Kettlebells are small yet heavy objects that you can commonly see in the gym. These popular gym equipment are made out of steel or for the more expensive variants, cast iron. Many gym goers use the kettlebell to help them with building strength, especially with the lower back and legs. Kettlebells are perfect for training mobility and even cardio. 

Exercises done with the kettlebell are effective as many muscle groups are often at work. These exercises can target the spine, back, legs, arms, and many more muscles that you may want to build up.

Final Thoughts

Regular exercise is the answer for those looking to improve their spinal health. So don’t be lazy and let your condition worsen, register yourself in your local gym and get moving! Before going to the gym just yet, be sure to consult with your physician if it’s safe for you to try out the equipment stated above.

Asking this is especially important if you have a present condition that you need to be careful about or when you’ve just recently gotten out of surgery. Consulting first is also part of taking care of and improving your spinal health, so don’t forget to do this!


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