What You Need to Know About the Ideal Workout Session

Workout session is defined as the time allotted to work. To maximize the physiological benefits, some rules must be followed. Namely; this period should be divided into warm-up (preparation), main section and end.

# Warm-Up

What You Need to Know About the Ideal Workout Session

It aims to prepare the organism physically, physiologically and psychologically for future studies. It facilitates the transition of the body from the resting state to the working state. It should include 1/10 of the working time. In other words, it is necessary to warm up for at least 5 minutes for a 50-minute session.

If the session consists only of walking, there is no need to warm up, walking is the normal activity of the organism. Warming up should include exercises that stimulate joints, muscles and the circulatory-respiratory system. For this, after 3-4 minutes of slow jogging, flexibility movements should be made starting from the upper members and aimed at all muscle groups.

Good warming result;

– the flexibility of the muscles increases,

– joint mobility increases,

– the respiratory-circulatory system becomes ready to work,

– The activities of enzymes necessary for energy production are improved.

Good warming signs;

– increased heart rhythm,

– increase in respiratory frequency,

Mild sweating,

– the need for undressing.

Heating should be ideal in quantity and quality;

– insufficient warming; carries a risk of injury,

– overheating; It causes fatigue as a result of the depletion of energy stores.

The warm-up session in the morning should be longer than the afternoon. In general, older people should warm up longer than younger people and gradually increase the speed of their warm-up movements. Warm-up protects health on the one hand, and on the other hand increases the sportive performance capacity.

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Main Section

What You Need to Know About the Ideal Workout Session

It is the section where the work desired to be done will be applied, the most difficult activities of the workout session are included in this section. It is not considered in walking or jog running. However, if it is planned to gain muscle form and running with a significant percentage of maximal cardiac frequency, this section is started after a good warm-up. This section contains very important features in sportive competitive workout, because there are many conditional features that need to be trained systematically in succession. The main part of health workout targets the development of one or two conditioning traits. For example, strength-flexibility, aerobic capacity-flexibility.

If strength and aerobic capacity are to be trained at the same time in a workout session, strength and then aerobic capacity workout should be in the order.

End (Cool Down)

What You Need to Know About the Ideal Workout Session

It is a “recovery” period of 5-10 minutes that takes place at the end of the workout session. The physiological gains obtained in the whole session are reinforced here. It includes relaxing gymnastic movements performed very slowly or a little fast tempo walking, fast and difficult movements should be avoided. In this section, by introducing plenty of oxygen to the organism, the possible oxygen deficit is closed, the accumulated lactic acid is eliminated, our body is ready for the next session, more vigorous; muscle aches do not occur.

If fast movements are applied at the end of the session, the recovery of the body will be delayed as additional lactic acid will be formed.

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What You Need to Know About the Ideal Workout Session

Food; The pre-workout meal should be eaten at least 3.5 hours before, and the post-workout meal should be taken 1 hour after recovery.


Water can be taken in a glass half an hour before the workout and in small quantities during the workout. There are thoughts about weight gain, such as sweating a lot and not drinking water, as wrong beliefs. Weight is not lost with excessive sweating because fat is not removed with sweat. 60% of the organism is water, water is essential for cell activities, the amount of water lost during and after effort should be taken. Excessive water loss decreases the total blood volume and blood circulation becomes difficult, and the heart is loaded with gas. As a result of this thought, there is no point in wrapping “nylon” around the body to sweat excessively.


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