Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Plan

IT Cosmetics Chief Executive Officer Jamie Kern grow up in extremely difficult times. Her parents divorced at the age of six years old. She began feeling anxious about her body after her high school years began. Jamie started dating a guy named Eric.

She wanted to appear at ease and be more attractive. She began eating diet pills at a young age. In the book, she stated that her friend’s older sister would provide these pills to help them lose weight. Jamie would bring the shakes to school and keep the bottles in her backpack. However, after a year, she split and fell in love with her boyfriend, Eric.

Jamie was young and didn’t know much about the globe. She was just looking to be attractive and slim, so she took every weight loss pill she could get. After launching a profitable business, Jamie received a lot of criticism over her weight.

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss Journey

Jamie Kern Lima was busy expanding her business. She was working up to 100 hours a week and doing most of the tasks independently. Jamie could not afford to hire another person in the first times of business.

In the past, she did lots of work and expanded her business. Because she was so focused on her work, Jamie neglected her health. She’d put on many pounds and found it difficult to lose weight.

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It is easy to gain weight, but once you start losing weight, it appears to be a daunting job. However, Jamie cannot live in that state for very long. Therefore, she decided to focus on improving her health and shed weight as fast as possible for her benefit.

How Did Jamie Kern Lima Lose Weight?

When she began her journey, she was performing well in her career and can now concentrate on her overall health. Jamie began jogging in the morning for 20-30 minutes every day.

She completely changed her diet. Then she began to go to the gym three or four times every week, but she was not as consistent because she could not find the time. She was exhausted from all the weight.

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Jamie did not mention her diet, but she stated that she didn’t take the time to create a brand different diet. She began eating healthier as often as she could and shunned all the unhealthy junk food. So, her diet is as simple as that.

She’s not taking any diet pills anymore. They realized that those diet pills had been affecting her body for a long time, but she wasn’t aware. Now she focuses on the natural methods to make her body attractive.

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Apart from running for 20-30 minutes daily, she also practices yoga to help her body become more flexible and active. Beginning yoga classes were difficult for her, but she tried a few easy poses and then jumped into some challenging yoga poses.

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Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss 2022 Before And After

The journey to lose weight was extremely difficult for Jamie Kern Lima as she stated in her memoir, ” I had been losing weight in unhealthy ways since I was 14, and I have a difficult time overcoming emotionally driven weight loss.” But, in the past few years, she has taken control of her thoughts and stopped unhealthy food habits. She’s lost all the excess weight she put on in previous years.


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