Root Chakra Yoga Poses: Ground Your Energy

The chakra is located at the bottom of your back; the chakra of the root holds the energy that is primordial to the life force, also known as Kundalini.

This chakra, known as Muladhara or Muladhara in Sanskrit, regulates the entirety of your existing security safety and lets you feel secure within your body. If your first chakra is clear and healthy, it is calm and secure.

What are the health benefits of yoga to your chakra’s root?

Integrating yoga into your daily routine is an excellent method to relax and align all chakras in your body.

There are a variety of yoga poses (asanas) that are suitable for specific chakras; however, please be aware that they’ll offer many health benefits to your entire body.

So, let’s look at the ones that specifically focus on your root chakra.

Root Chakra Hatha Yoga

The best yoga asanas (poses) that focus on releasing and stimulating energy from the chakra at the root originate from hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is an old method of yoga that is also referred to as conscious relaxation.

This type of yoga is ideal for the chakra of the root because it involves calming and grounding all body parts by practicing yoga asanas (body postures) and breath exercises ( pranayama).

How long do you need to keep each Hatha pose for?

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Maintaining Hatha yoga poses for 45 to 60 seconds or around 10- 12 deep breathings is suggested.

Let’s take a look at my top yoga poses that bring balance to the root chakra:

Bridge Pose | Setu Bhandasana

Bridge Pose  Setu Bhandasana

This is a gentle inversion that relaxes your nervous system and brain and gives an excellent stretch to your chest, neck, and back body. The pose can be practiced to prepare for more intense backbends and a restorative posture that is performed using a yoga block.

Place your body on your back flat. Bend your knees, then keep your arms straight, with your palms facing downwards. Start pressing your feet to the ground without lifting your body. Imagine the earth’s energy moving through your legs, creating a solid and solid. Maintain your feet firmly on the ground, take an inhale, begin lifting your body and push your chest up.

If you’ve had prior yoga experience, put your hands behind your back and bring your shoulders towards each other. It should be easy to feel the firm leg support. Maintain this posture for a minimum of three breath cycles.

Garland Pose Or Squat | Malasana

Garland Pose Or Squat  Malasana

Garland Pose, also known as yogi’s Squat (Malasana), is my favorite yoga posture for grounding. It has tremendous benefits for your chakra’s root because it boosts circulation and blood flow in your pelvis.

This posture brings one closer to nature; it calms your mind and soul and helps support the lower back and hips. Maintain this posture until you’re at ease. Keep your back straight, and never forget to do diaphragmatic, deep breathing. You are welcome to try this pose in the outdoors. You can also take off your shoes to be more grounded. The earth.

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Head-To-Knee Pose — Janus Sirasana

Head-To-Knee Pose -- Janus Sirasana

This excellent and straightforward position will allow you to relieve a lot of tension in the root chakra. You’ll feel a lot of relief throughout the entire range to your back, from the lower part down to your hamstrings. You should sit straight with your legs extended towards the front with your spine straight. Breathe deeply, and then exhale. Move your arms to the side by reaching for your feet.

If you’re not strong enough to extend your legs and feel stress in the hamstrings, do not fret! It’s just a matter of bending your knees until you reach a level where you are at ease and then holding the position for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Knee-To-Chest Pose | Apanasana

Knee-To-Chest Pose  Apanasana

This is a beginning yoga pose that requires you to lie flat on your back and then extend one knee toward your chest. Then keep it in your arms.

So, how can you get the most of this yoga pose?

Breathe deeply during the stretch and visualize the root chakra expanding and becoming warmer. Try to increase the grip on your leg as you hold this pose. Let your shoulders and groin ease. When you’re done using one of your legs, perform similar exercises with the other and, finally, grab both legs, and then bend your knees towards your chest.

Chair Pose | Utkatasana

Chair Pose  Utkatasana

This more difficult posture will strengthen your legs and increase blood flow through the diaphragm. Utkatasana is excellent for the root chakra because it strengthens your ankles, legs, as well as feet. Healthy and strong legs will help you be more grounded and feel connected to the earth.

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Inhale as you bend your knees. Keep your back straight, and then send your legs back. Lift your arms up and continue to raise them in this pose for 6-12 minutes.

Your Top Yoga Poses To Root Chakra

This is now your turn.

  • Did you try any of the poses in this article?
  • Did I leave out your top picks?

Be sure to tell us about it via the comment section in the comments below!


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