Throat Chakra Yoga Poses: Find Your Voice

The chakra of your throat acts as your primary point of communication. It lets you shape your world by communicating your thoughts and desires.

The fifth chakra, known as Vishuddhain Sanskrit, allows you to speak truth from a source of authenticity and integrity. The chakra color can be described as light blue (turquoise) and is situated within the middle part of your throat.

If your throat chakra is clear and healthy, you can begin living an authentic life. Be true to your word with integrity, and tell the truth about your feelings.

What are the health benefits of yoga to the throat chakra?

Incorporating yoga into your daily routine is an excellent means to unwind and align all chakras in your body.

There are a variety of yoga poses (asanas) that can be utilized to help with individual chakras; however, please remember that they can offer many health benefits to your entire body.

Yoga is an excellent method to strengthen your throat chakra since certain poses (asanas) can help you relax your shoulders and ease the tension in your neck.

Yoga can also boost oxygen circulation throughout your body since many yoga routines require breathing.

My top yoga postures to strengthen the 5th chakra include:

Neck Rolls & Neck Stretches

Neck rolls are excellent warming exercises before your yoga practice since they relieve neck, upper back, or jaw muscle tension. These areas may hold a lot of stress and need to be stretched regularly.

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Lion Pose | Simhasana

Lion Pose  Simhasana

The Lion Pose could appear odd at first, bringing a feeling of playful fun. It is said that this silly pose improves the voice, reduces facial wrinkles and neck wrinkles, helps the thyroid gland, and eases tension on the top of your part of the body.

Lion Posture imitates the boldness of the wild king and brings out the vibrant spirit of the animal. In a yoga class, you’ll likely learn to blend a posture (physical posture) along with a breathing technique known as pranayama (Lion’s Breath) to provide the most powerful cleanse of the throat chakra.

Stand with Supported Shoulder | Salamba Sarvangasana

Stand with Supported Shoulder  Salamba Sarvangasana

If you’re just beginning yoga, you might not be able to perform certain inverted poses. Start by doing Sarvangasana, which is a pose that is easy for beginners to master gradually and quickly.

Supported Shoulder Stand is primarily focused on your shoulders, neck, and back. It’s an inverted posture that draws more blood to the upper part of your body.

Shoulder Stands are especially beneficial for people who have an active throat chakra (symptoms include excessive talk and difficulty concentrating, listening, or speaking, and the tendency to stutter).

This pose is relaxing and can be practiced towards the end of the yoga routine.

Plow Pose | Halasana

Plow Pose  Halasana

Plow Pose is another excellent yoga inversion posture that strengthens shoulders, back, neck and stimulates the nervous system.

Plow Pose is a relaxing pose and is generally practiced after a class before doing the Corpse Pose ( Savasana) and meditation.

Many yoga instructors have advised placing the blanket underneath the shoulders to create more room for the neck and allow an upright spine.

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Halasana can alleviate back pain and ease sinusitis, headaches, and insomnia by providing more blood flow to your neck region.

Cat-Cow Pose | Chakravakasana

Cat-Cow Pose  Chakravakasana

Cat-Cow is a basic yoga pose that involves transitioning from a rounded back to an arched posture.

Each movement is made by breathing in or exhaling air. It’s an easy vinyasa that allows you to connect your breath to the movements in your own body.

The cat-Cow pose stretches your entire spine and is the gentle stretching of your neck. At the same time, you move your head upwards and downwards (very beneficial to the throat chakra center). It’s one of the postures that allow you to almost instantly feel the freedom of your body!

Bridge Pose | Setu Bhandasana

Bridge Pose  Setu Bhandasana

This gentle inversion posture calms the nervous system and brain and gives your neck, chest, and back body an excellent stretch.

This pose can be utilized to prepare for more challenging backbends or as a restorative posture performed using the help of a yoga block.

Place your body on your back flat. Bend your knees, then keep your arms straight, with your hands facing down.

Begin to press your feet down into the ground without lifting your body, and visualize that the earth’s energy flows through your legs, making them solid and robust.

Make sure your legs are firmly on the floor. Take an inhale, then begin lifting your body upwards and pressing your chest up.

If you’ve had some prior yoga experience, put your hands beneath your back and then move your shoulders towards each other.

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Feel the firm support of your legs. Maintain this position for at least three breath cycles.

Your Top Yoga Poses For The Throat Chakra

And now, let me introduce you.

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