Learn Facts About The Effects Of Vegan Diet On Testosterone

Let’s take a look at what vegan means: veganism is about not consuming or using animal products; In other words, meat, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, even honey are not edible and no animal products are used.

Learn Facts About The Effects Of Vegan Diet On Testosterone

What is Testosterone ?

Testosterone is a word you often hear in the gym; In simple terms, testosterone is an important anabolic hormone that supports sperm production, sexual desire and strength, athletic build, muscle mass and body structure when viewed from the athletic perspective.

Learn Facts About The Effects Of Vegan Diet On Testosterone

How Is Testosterone Produced ?

A man’s body produces an average of 7mg of testosterone per day, but not all testosterone circulating in the blood can be used. However, testosterone is produced from cholesterol and cholesterol comes from two sources. The liver, one of these sources, produces 75% of the cholesterol the body needs. The remaining cholesterol is taken through diet.

Learn Facts About The Effects Of Vegan Diet On Testosterone

Does Meat Increase Testosterone More ?

Red meat is known to increase testosterone, but red meat is also rich in cholesterol and zinc. Many studies have shown that zinc plays an important role in regulating serum testosterone levels in normal men. However, if you are a meat eater, you should also know that most of the meats produced in the USA use growth-promoting hormones. There are six anabolic steroids that are given to almost all cattle produced in the USA and Canada:

Three natural steroids :

  1. Estradiol,
  2. Testosterone
  3. Progesterone
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Three synthetic steroids :

  1. Estrogen compound zeranol
  2. Androgen trenbolone acetate
  3. Progestin melenjestrol acetate

In an article published in the Iranian Journal of Public Health, it was stated that natural steroid hormones, especially estradiol and estrone, which are reported to be used in animals, such as estrogen, are found in different parts of beef and calf meat, liver and oil. Here we deduce: Almost all animal foods contain 17B-estradiol; Natural hormone levels and metabolites can vary depending on the animal’s diet, sex, breed, age and physiological condition. According to Michael Geiger, MD, “Getting natural sex hormones through diet (from meat, dairy products and eggs) is a factor to consider when talking about the impact of estrogen on human development and health.” And chicken estrogen is the same as human estrogen (it has the same molecules). Therefore, it can enter our body in many ways, from the water we drink to the cheese we eat. It doesn’t matter what the source is; The important thing is the quantity. In short, our daily estrogen levels depend on whether or not we consume dairy products that day. Increased estrogen levels can lead to gynecomastia (mammary gland enlargement). In a study conducted by a school in Italy, it was stated that breast growth in boys is 29% common (children aged 3-5 – 58% in children aged 6-10) and the reason may be red meat consumption. As a result, we can say that meat consumption can prevent testosterone levels and increase estrogen.

Learn Facts About The Effects Of Vegan Diet On Testosterone

Do vegans have more testosterone ?

You might think vegans have less testosterone because they don’t eat red meat, but the opposite is the case. A study conducted in the UK compared insulin-like growth Factor 1 in vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. In the study examining 696 men, 223 of whom were vegan, the following was observed: “The testosterone concentration of vegans is 13% higher than meat eaters and 8% higher than vegetarians.” Moreover, vegan participants had 16% more sex hormone binding proteins (SHBG) that control the amount of testosterone used by tissues in the body. Moreover, the body mass index of vegans was also lower; The lower the body mass index, the higher the testosterone level. When you are overweight, your fat tissues (adipose) produce a substance called aromatase that turns testosterone into estradiol, a type of estrogen. To increase your testosterone, you need to take amino acids, vitamins A and B, and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as zinc and cholesterol. These foods I counted are found in both vegetable and animal foods. In short, if you want to gain muscle, it is actually more reasonable to choose a plant-based diet instead of meat. But whether you are vegan or not, according to Ball State University, “No matter how old you are, strength training increases growth hormone and testosterone release.”

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