Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

While honey and garlic are both delicious on their own, some people swear by the weight-loss magic of combining the two. Is it true that this sweet and savory combination will actually assist you in losing weight?

Before losing your fresh breath to a honey-garlic concoction in the name of weight loss, here’s what you should read.

Does A Honey And Garlic Mixture Promote Weight Loss?

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

While honey and garlic both have health benefits, there is no evidence that they can help you lose weight. This is an example of something that seems to be too good to be true (because it is).

Can Honey And Garlic Lead To Weight Loss?

The short response is no, not yet. (We understand how disappointing this is.)

That isn’t to suggest the honey and garlic should be thrown out the window. Since you can lose weight by eating just about anything, there’s no need to rule out honey, garlic, or your preferred honey-garlic recipe (if such a thing exists) while dieting.

While garlic and honey do not directly cause weight loss, they do provide benefits that can help you along the way.

Honey’s antioxidants will keep the immune system running like… well, bees, if you’re increasing your physical activity. Honey may have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, according to a study of studies.

Another study found that a little extra honey can help endurance athletes go the distance by providing slow-releasing energy.

Honey is a good deal because nothing slows down a new fitness regimen like being sick. Garlic, according to one study, may have similar immune-boosting effects.

The research on garlic and waist circumference is maybe even more convincing for people seeking to lose weight. Garlic supplementation did not seem to affect BMI or body weight, but it did reduce waist circumference, according to a study.

Garlic supplements, not fresh garlic, were used in the studies above. They’re two distinct goods with distinct results. However, the findings may point to a correlation between garlic and health benefits.

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Other Benefits Of Garlic And Honey

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Let’s get down to the truth on these favorite kitchen staples now that we’ve crushed your hopes of garlic and honey weight loss. What exactly are they good for?

Fights Off Bacteria And Viruses

Allicin, an active compound contained in garlic, has some amazing superpowers.

Allicin has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, according to a 2014 study. MRSA (a harmful, antibiotic-resistant bacteria) isn’t immune to allicin’s effects (up yours, MRSA).

Honey has a number of medicinal properties, including wound healing and antibacterial properties. In addition, a study of studies found that Manuka honey, a particular form of honey, could be effective against common illnesses including the flu and chicken pox.

Heart Benefits

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Added sugars are frowned upon by the American Heart Association (including honey). They recommend that women eat no more than 100 calories per day and men consume no more than 150 calories per day from all added sugars.

Given that a tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories, it’s easy to see how going all Winnie the Pooh on your honey supply could quickly add up.

Garlic, on the other hand, can have a variety of heart-health benefits, including:

• boosting blood flow across veins and arteries 

• lowering cholesterol and blood pressure 

• avoiding blockages

It’s usually better to eat it rather than taking it as a supplement (especially if you’re on medication) (or are a vampire).

To substitute your salt shaker, try seasoning your food with garlic powder and other spices. You’ll not only reap the benefits of garlic, but you’ll also reduce the intake of salt, one of the heart’s worst enemies.

Using Garlic And Honey

The bad news is that combining garlic and honey does not function as a weight-loss substitute. However, as part of a well-balanced diet, these ingredients can help with weight loss.

In Food

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Honey is a sweetener that has been added to the recipe; treat it as such. A teaspoon of honey to sweeten your cup of tea or a drizzle of honey in Greek yogurt is unlikely to have much of an effect on your overall health or weight loss goals.

However, going out of your way to eat more honey may work against rather than for your weight loss goals.

Garlic, on the other hand, is a calorie-free way to add spice to your food without adding calories. Garlic will improve the flavor of your favorite vegetables, making healthy eating more enjoyable. #WhoaaaaaDoubleVegetable

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Garlic As A Supplement

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Supplemental garlic or honey, on their own, may have medicinal benefits that go beyond weight loss. In reality, a study of the literature revealed that garlic and honey have been used in natural remedies for thousands of years.

Garlic supplements are well-known for their cardiovascular benefits. Garlic supplements were found to be as effective as prescription drugs at reducing blood pressure in another study.

Should I Take Garlic Pills?

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Garlic pills can have significant heart and immune system benefits.

If you’re still taking blood pressure medicine, consult your doctor before beginning a garlic supplement.

Garlic supplements may have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Garlic supplements can help people with osteoarthritis reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life, according to a small report.

Garlic supplements can have beneficial effects on diabetes, cancer, and digestive health.

When it comes to dietary supplements, though, it’s still best to err on the side of caution. These aren’t controlled by the FDA in the same way as drugs are, and they may have unintended consequences.

Honey As A Natural Remedy

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Honey’s sweetness has drew in devotees seeking relief from a number of ailments. The powerful effects of honey on wounds are some of the strongest proof for honey as a natural remedy.

According to one study, using honey as part of the skin covering helps post-operative wounds and skin burns heal faster.

Honey is a go-to for sore throats because of its antibacterial and skin-soothing properties. You’ll be well on your way to recovery (as per Grandma’s orders) if you melt some honey in a steaming mug of tea with a squeeze of lemon.

Fin-Garlickin’ Good: The Best Garlic And Honey Recipes

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

They may seem to be an uncommon pairing. However, the sticky sweetness of honey and the pungent taste of garlic make for a wonderful marinade, glaze, or dip.

A basic dish with chicken thighs seasoned with sugar, garlic, and a sprinkling of rosemary tastes gourmet.

Honey-garlic chicken wings with fresh green onions or honey-garlic meatballs with a splash of Asian spices are great for your next post-COVID-19 gathering.

Honey and garlic can be added to carrots before roasting or used to top a salad with a homemade vinaigrette (apple cider vinegar and vegetable oil).

Honey and garlic are an excellent pairing for pork, meat, ribs, or vegetables, whether you’re cooking pork, chicken, ribs, or vegetables.

Possible Side Effects And İnteractions

You are unlikely to suffer adverse side effects if you consume honey or garlic in their natural forms.

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Except for those with food allergies or sensitivities, the health benefits tend to be practically risk-free.

You may need to restrict the consumption of garlic and honey if you have irritable bowel syndrome. According to the University of Washington, people on a low FODMAP diet should avoid the fructose in honey and the fructans in garlic.

Since digestive disorders differ from person to person, it’s best to consult a registered dietitian or gastroenterologist before drastically restricting your diet.

Garlic has blood-thinning effects which can raise the risk of swelling or bleeding, according to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. People who take blood thinners like warfarin should avoid it.

Honey Boo-Boos: Babies And Honey

Honey and Garlic for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Honey’s advantages do not extend to children. Due to a toxic toxin found naturally in honey, babies under the age of 12 months are at risk of botulism poisoning.

Wait until after your child’s first birthday to give them honey.


There’s nothing magical about mixing honey and garlic to help you lose weight. In reality, this concoction is unlikely to make a significant difference in your weight.

Honey and garlic, on the other hand, have medicinal properties, and most people can safely and easily use them as natural home remedies.

Rather than relying on fast remedies for weight loss, a positive outlook for healthy eating can be fueled by focusing on natural ingredients.


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